Pinterest ~ part one

{this image I could file under Great thrifted finds, if only I had a pinboard…}

A virtual inspiration board…

Eyecandy wherever you look….
I’m hooked on Pinterest!

You probably have heard about it so many times,
but for the people who don’t know what it is, take a look here.
So where is my brand new-oh-so-pretty-and-inspiring-pinterest board, you might think?
Well, believe it or not,
I’m on their waiting list…
Waiting is not something I’m good at…

And looking at other people’s pinboards is not helping,
it only makes me want to have one for myself even more.
{Warning: before clicking on these links, it can be dangerous, you are hooked before you know it…}
Have a stroll around Brenda’s pinboard,
or Kasey’s inspiring pictures….
Take a look at what Maureen has pinned,
or what’s on Sarah’s board…

It’s Inspiration with a capital I.

So when I put my name down, requesting an invitation,
I expected to get an email saying something like:
Hi Maureen! Welcome to Pinterest!
Click here to start your pinboard!
But instead I got this:
Thanks for joining the Pinterest waiting list.
We’ll be sure to send you an invite soon.
In the meantime, you can follow us on Twitter for
Pinterest news and updates.
You can also explore a few pinboards.
We’re excited to get you pinning soon!
- Ben and the Pinterest Team
I think I’ll have to email him back…
Dear Ben,
it’s me, Maureen.
I really would like to get my own pinboard,
pretty please,
so I can start collecting
all these wonderful images the web is full with.
And thanks for making such a great website!
Warm regards,
{do you think the xx will help me speed up to the top of the list?
I put them there, just in case…}

So if anyone of you know Ben, could you please tell him I’m waiting?
He knows how to find me.
Just look on the waiting list….

See you soon!


{and for you my dear blog readers, the xx are always there, no strings attached}


Extra note: I found another great board, look what Melissa has on hers!

*Extra extra note: I have my lovely boards now longer than 1,5 years and still love it!
You can find Daydream Living under Maureen Charlie.
{just click to enter my Pinterest boards}

17 thoughts on “Pinterest ~ part one

  1. wendz

    Yeah Pinterest must be addictive. I think I could waste a lot of time there. They are clever with their invitations and making you wait, thereby making it exclusive and much longed-for. Very smart people. :) I hope you get your invitation SOON and can put lovely images here for us.

  2. flowers on my table

    Patience darling! I am on Pinterest, but I don’t know how to use it! You hurry up,I’ll put a good word in with Ben and you can show me how to work it! Tee hee! Love your image,its so simple and so gorgeous,love Linda x

  3. maureen

    My dear, you MUST start pinning. I sent you an invitation, hopefully you will be up and pinning very soon!
    It is an amazing idea, isn’t it?

  4. Laura

    I’m so out of the loop at the moment. No Idea what Pinterest is, so I’ll go check out. Hope you are well Maureen. Sorry I’ve not been around lately. crazy times here in NJ! Lx

  5. Jane

    Oh, Sweetie, I’ve been pinning for ages now and have moved all my photos there from We ♥ it and You can find me at

    I’ve just sent invitations to you and Laura – hopefully that might bump you up the list!

    J x

  6. Lynda

    OMG!! ik had NIET moeten klikken…*blurgh*…..voeg er ook even de Groeten uit Holland aan toe, want IK wil ook!!!:D
    Inspiratie heb je NOOIT genoeg, dat snapt Ben toch zeker zelf ook wel?!?!?!?!?!?!?


  7. Nat.

    I’ve recieved the same reponse from Pintarest. I’m still waiting :(

    Until now I’m usig Tumblr, but Tumblr has some problems…

    Nice blog :)


  8. T's Daily Treasures

    Hi Maureen, I’ve heard several other bloggers rave about Pinterest. I spend 8 hours a day on the computer at work and then come home to blog a bit so that’s about all the computer time I can handle. I still like going through magazines, cutting out lovely pictures and pasting them inspiration. Paper, scissors and glue are such simple and lovely things at times. :) Happy day to you, Tammy

  9. Angela

    Love, love, love Pinterest! Wonderful site with wonderful people and ideas. I only wish I could pin myself as I too am on the waiting list. :(

    If anyone wants to be super nice they could always add me (hint, hint).
    My email is


  10. julie

    Hi Maureen, I hope you finally got an invite frOm pinterest.
    I’ve been on their waiting list for the longest! If anyone can send me an invite, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.. My email ad is


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