Pinterest ~part two

Rose-Filled Vintage Home - Country Living
{via Pinterest, Country Living}

Good morning, evening or afternoon!
Hope you are doing ok? For me, last week was a bit of, how do I describe it….
busy and frustrating are the two words that pops into my head.

And it’s been a couple of days since the Friday 13th crash of Blogger, (I noticed that two comments are missing from my last post), but I’m glad Blogger is back to normal. 
So what have I been doing when I wasn’t lurking around your blogs?
I was in Pinterest land….

Yes, that’s right, I got the invite, I started and I’m loving it!
It’s a feast for the eye, so many inspiring photo’s, yep, I’m hooked!

In This House We Do Antiqued Plank Typography by cellardesigns
{via Pinterest,}

The only tiny minor downside thingy I will say,
 is that you have to make a facebook or twitter account to start using this.
Since I wasn’t planning on doing so, this was a little annoying,
but my love for Pinterest was greater, so yes,
I took my baby steps in facebook world too…

Although I have to admit, it wasn’t that straight forward for me to start my Pinterest journey,
I couldn’t find out how to make another toolbar so I could put the Pinterest link in it….
I finally found this video on YouTube, and it was very helpful. So if you, like me, are also challenged with these computer thingy’s that everyone is saying ‘it’s sooo easy….‘ ahum……. it’s a great visual help.

{via Pinterest, suitcase cake from Bobbette & Belle}

I am pinning left, right and center now,
some of my blog friends send me invites too (thanks again girls!) and also joined me,
so you can also see what they have on their boards.

If you want, visit my Pinterest and have fun exploring!


On another note,
I want to Thank You all, for your interest in Mackenzie, our Pug.
She (yes, it’s a girl…) is recovering from surgery, she had a lot of trouble breathing,
but her spinal cord and spine are also damaged….
I pray that she will recover some more with the medication
and that she will be with us for a long time, so yes, my mama heart aches….

Life has it’s own way of taking turns, 
making us walk in other directions than what we had planned….

As for me,
the sun is shining today after some rainy days
so I’m very happy with that.

Enjoy the little things in life, 
that’s my motto for a while now,
take care and I’ll see you soon!



I’m linking this post to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesday,
thanks for hosting this Sarah!

10 thoughts on “Pinterest ~part two

  1. flowers on my table

    Lovely pics from pinterest Maureen. What a fantastic cake. Lots of love to your little sick doggie, hope she recovers soon. I need some time to play on Pinterest, I can’t work it just yet. Love Linda x

  2. Thisisme.

    Hi. I do hope that Mackenzie will recover to enjoy life again. This must all be quite an ordeal for you. I had never heard of Pininterest before but, strangely enough, another blogging friend posted about it yesterday, and she is completely hooked! I have been into the site, but think I will have to have some proper time to really sit and look at it properly. I’m sure I would love it.

  3. LindyLouMac in Italy

    It seems I missed so much while I was in the UK last week! Blogger crashing, what was that all about, plus something called Pinterest has been mentioned by more than one blog this evening. So sorry to hear about Mackenzie.

  4. Laura

    Hi lovely Maureen..your motto is absolutely perfect for me!!
    As I’ve already said a thousand can read my mind and my heart, sweet friend!

  5. flowers on my table

    How lovely to think we have the same blue and white jars! I am afraid my outside bench is much in need of tlc, it is beginning to rot, with all the rain we have here. I hope I can save it as it was my Mum’s. Goodnight and God bless,love Linda x

  6. blessedmom's simple home

    A wonderful “good life” post! Thank you for the info. I got an invite, but didn’t have a facebook page. It looks like I’m going to have to get one just so I can join in the Pinterest fun :-)


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