Spending the night

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Me and my imagination….

I often wonder how it would be,
 to find myself locked up, (by accident of course)
in a library.
Just me and thousands of books, 
comfy chairs and endless hours of undisturbed reading, 
while I find food and drinks in the office of the librarian. 
It would be raining outside and inside the library would feel grand yet warm and cozy.
Naturally I would not be afraid of creepy men trying to steal me away, no not me,
I would be unafraid and blissfully unaware of time…
I never imagined how it would be though to spend the night
 in Ikea.
So how do I get from spending the night in a library 
(and honestly not being afraid, just to make that clear….) 
to Ikea?
Well, I saw this link:
They don’t spend the night, no no no, their fantasy is how it would be 
to live in Ikea.
And let me tell you, this totally made me laugh! 
Men, playing pretend life, in a super chain store, how cute cool is that?
I think they did a great job with these photo’s.
So have a look and tell me,
would you like to spend the night in Ikea?
Or would you join me in my eat, drink, read, accidently locked up night in the library?
Yes, me and my imagination….

9 thoughts on “Spending the night

  1. Claudia

    Ben niet zo goed in mijn buitenlandse talen, dat weerhield mij er een beetje van om een reactie op je stukjes achter te laten terwijl ik altijd erg van je posten geniet. Maar als ik dat dan gewoon in het Nederlands kan doen…

    Dacht ik toch dat ik veel boeken had…

  2. wendz

    I think the way some people furnish their entire homes from IKEA, it must be a little like living there. :)

    I’d rather stay in the library. IKEA is soulless, you see, but a library has a heart.

  3. Thisisme.

    Mmmm, now that’s a hard one! Oh I know, I would choose the library!! Actually, I think it WOULD be wonderful to just get away from the world for a while (no facebooking, no tweeting, no blogging, no phone calls. Could be bliss, but only for a while!). What a great photo you have chosen for us of all those books.

  4. American in Bath

    I used to work in a library where students would try to hide so as to spend the night with their uber-important documents. Sometimes they succeeded and we’d find them curled in a corner sound asleep in the morning.

  5. Melissa

    hey lovely gal- those photos are totally brilliant!!!!!!

    the shower ones are hysterical!!

    given the choice though- i’d rather be locked in the pickie above with a nice curry and a bottle of wine…books, a blanket and no interuptions!

    gorgeous- love your imagination!!

    melissa xxx

  6. flowers on my table

    How very funny, those guys in Ikea. No it would definitely be the library fo me, especially with food and drink! My dughters teddy “Spangle” once spent the night in the library, he had a ball! Great post Maureen, love Linda x

  7. Anna at the Doll House

    Hello Maureen

    Life at IKEA looked rather busy, even exhausting, just like a shopping expedition to the store. Indeed, I think after shopping at IKEA a night in the library might be exactly what is needed.



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