The art of giving

the transfer of something 
without the expectation
of receiving something 
in return.


We all love to receive a gift,
whether if it’s for a special occasion or for no reason at all.
Since I love to give presents, 
it’s not only about the gift to me but also about the way it’s wrapped or presented.

{this was a farewell gift; a small Swiss travel box, holding needle and threads, wrapped in simple brown packaging paper, but the white satin ribbon and the silver name tag make it special. It needed to be very small to fit in a handbag, but I wanted it to be a reminder of Switzerland too and put my stamp on it at the same time}.
Presenting someone with a gift is a personal thing.
And in this day and age, where it has become acceptable to send someone an email or text message instead of a birthday card, presenting your gift in a special way, is something people really appreciate.
It shows you took time and effort to buy or make and wrap their present.

When it’s a time-gift, like a weekend away, spa treatment or movie night,
the time before you go is also special, you can look forward to something.
And the older I get the more I find spending time with loved ones a perfect gift.
After all, life can be short so we better enjoy it, right?

Now normally I don’t like to talk about what and when I give someone as a present,
 but I want to share two memorable gifts.
They gave me pleasure preparing them before the special day was there.

Mooi verpakt

Three years ago I made a surprise trip back to the Netherlands for one of my girlfriends 40th birthday party at the beach. She really didn’t expected me, because I told her I couldn’t make it. I travelled 9 hours by train, because I had so many small presents with me for her I would go over the
allowed 20 kg in the airplane. You see, she loves presents, it doesn’t matter what it is, as long as she can unpack it, she’s smiling. So I filled a wicker basket with 40 presents, from relaxing tea to body lotion, and other things she loves and with each present came a little handmade note. Her first present was a small notebook, so she could glue all the other notes in it as a keepsake. Needless to say her screams where loud when she turned around and there I was, standing right behind her, almost tumbling down from all the weight of the presents. In this case the biggest present was our time together, and when I returned home, she had another 39 days of unwrapping presents while smiling.

Decorative Lace Tape - NEW

So when my other girlfriend turned 40 (they where both in one year) I had to think about something that would be about her and since she never had been to America before, and the change of her going wasn’t going to happen anytime soon, we gave her a ticket to New York ( thanks to Sweetheart this was possible). Mind you, I had my personal reasons for giving such a big gift and seeing her face when she opened my handmade card was priceless. I cut some typical New York things from magazines, like the statue of liberty and the I heart NY logo, glued it all on the card, {“guess where we’re going?”} and I gave her a little silver suitcase charm for her bracelet with it. Again, screams and shock where going around that evening (and people wanting to become my friend all of a sudden….). It was a great party and we still talk about our trip to the big apple.

In my eyes, it’s the small things that make something special, not how much it has costs.
So when I give someone either something big or small, for a special day or just because I feel like doing something nice, it has to be with them in mind. And it has to match the person who it’s for, after all, it’s not for me but I like to put my stamp on it, seal it with a little something.

And seeing so many lovely ideas on the Internet gives me inspiration,
and this blog is about having inspiration, for myself but also, I hope, to give you as a reader some.

So here are some lovely ways of presenting your gift.

Have a good week everyone,
I will hop and skip by soon at your corner in Blog land!


photo with jacky tag: Maureen
photo lace tape: via VT wonen, from Cox and Cox UK
photo map wrap: via here
photo newspaper and dollie wrap: via Pinterest
photo jump rope wrap: via Real Simple
photo color wool wrap: via Pinterest, from
photo book page wrap: via

13 thoughts on “The art of giving

  1. Thisisme.

    What wonderful ideas you have given us for present wrapping, Maureen. Oh, by the way, can I have you as a friend?” When a good friend of mine was 60, I was fortunate enough to be able to take her to the Verona Opera Festival in Italy, as it was something she had always wanted to do, but I agree that it’s the little things that can sometimes mean the most.

  2. It's me

    Ehhhh zit er ook een kadootje voor mij bij ??? whahahahhaah…leuk dat plakband met kant…..liefs fijne week van mij…xxx..

  3. Maya @ Completely Coastal

    I’ve always loved the map wrappings, speaks to the traveling spirit in me as well as my love for the sea!
    Just realized that you were living (or still are)in Switzerland! I’m Swiss, lived in Zurich for most of my life then moved to the USA to marry my husband (a New Yorker) in 1996. It’s so great to read about my homeland!!! I will also feature your sand sign (i love the sea) in my next weekend post -love it!!

  4. flowers on my table

    Fab post Maureen. What a wonderful gift-giver you are. I love the map wrap and the lacey sellotape, but they are all gorgeous and so inviting! Love Linda x

  5. Simply Mel {Reverie}

    Dear Maureen ~

    You have such a beautiful and giving soul ~ the personalized gifts you created for your dear friends make me smile. I so enjoy giving to others…it warms every fiber of your being.

    My heart aches for you and your sweet girl over the thoughts of Mackenzie. The only comfort is knowing a happy life is being lived daily filled with abundance of love by you both. Sending healing wishes your way.


    1. Egypt

      You have a liquid handling robot![looks on with round eyes at the sheer awseemonsse]YOU HAVE a liquid handling ROBOT!!You are like little Jonny Soko! His robot flew and shot missiles, whereas yours handles liquids….You know KARATE![Faints]

  6. Flotsam Friends

    Hi Maureen, you lovely thing. What a thoughtful person you are too. I adore the second last image of the brown cardboard boxes tied with all that colourful string. Pruxxx


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