Two words

It’s almost 10 months ago since I started my blog journey.
Time is really flying when you’re having fun!
I could never have imagined 
that blogging would become more than me babbling away on the 
computer and looking at pretty pictures. 
It has become a part of my every day life. 
The blogging community is big and very supportive. 
There are so many people who are sending out a wave of positive energy, 
I’m just glad to be a part of it,
right here at my little Daydream corner….
It’s hard to explain though to people who don’t blog or read blogs, 
what it is that makes me want to write posts….
To read stories about women and their daily life on the other side of the world….
To get inspired just by looking at a beautiful photo…. 
Or having a laugh reading an email from friends who I’ve met through blogging….
And we all know that friends come in many shapes and sizes,
 people who you’re communicating with on a regular basis, 
perhaps much more than with daily life friends,
who share so many things and yet 
they don’t over share things about their life, 
those people I like to call friends….
And if someone who doesn’t get all of this,
is asking you, 
Why Do You Blog?
just tell them 
two words…
Why Not?
See you soon!

23 thoughts on “Two words

  1. Beth

    Why not indeed! It is a little tricky to explain what the appeal is, but I just know that I love blogging and reading blogs. I think you have captured what it is very well Maureen.
    Ps, please don’t stop “babbling”!

  2. Debby

    I feel the same way about blogging. Those thaqt don’t just don’t understand. I like your answer of “Why not.” You have such a sweet blog by the way.

  3. m.e (Cathie)

    well said Maureen!!
    I love the blogging community, the positivity, the inspiration, the beauty & the smiles.
    enjoy the wonderful journey ♥

  4. m.e (Cathie)

    well said Maureen!!
    I love the blogging community, the positivity, the inspiration, the beauty & the smiles.
    enjoy the wonderful journey ♥

  5. m.e (Cathie)

    well said Maureen!!
    I love the blogging community, the positivity, the inspiration, the beauty & the smiles.
    enjoy the wonderful journey ♥

  6. Mrs. Sam

    I just started. That post made me smile. Thanks for the encouragement as I join the journey. It’s amazing how we never really know what someone needs to hear. :)

  7. Thisisme.

    Brilliant, Maureen. I shall remember that, because I lot of my friends don’t really get this blogging thing, when I talk about it. I have only been blogging for just over six months and, like you, I can’t imagine being without all my dear bloggy friends now. As you say, it is amazing all the positive energy that is out there, and I just love it!

  8. Anna at the Doll House

    Hello Maureen

    I’m quite a new beginner and am still trying to learn how it all works by a lot of trial and error. So, I’m so pleased to find so many wonderful, creative and warm people like you in blogworld.


  9. Flotsam Friends

    Too right! It is hard to explain. I too love the inspiration, so many people doing so many interesting things. You learn so much and I think it makes you little more interesting in a quirky way. Yes, and the the friendships! It’s all perfect really. Pruxxx

  10. Amanda

    It is hard to explain isn’t it, and for me too, the most lovely and surprising thing I’ve got out of blogging is the friendships and the connections. People who don’t blog don’t get it. They just don’t know what they’re missing out on. Keep blabbing I say Maureen. xx

  11. Chuzai Living

    Maureen, very beautifully put!!! You are right on!! I would’ve never guessed that your blog was only 10 months old. Very impressive! When I started blogging, I knew I wanted to start blogging. Now it’s a big part of my life and I can’t imagine my life without it. However, sometimes, I wonder what will happen if I stop because it can get overwhelming. I’m glad to know that there are fellow bloggers who are on the same journey as I am. Keep blogging! Go Maureen!

  12. LindyLouMac in Italy

    Absolutely Maureen, I have so many lovely virtual friends thanks to becoming a blogger.
    Why Not became our favourite phrase when we moved to Italy as we were always being asked Why Italy?
    Why Not! :)

  13. Jane

    Ah, Maureen, my life wouldn’t be the same without you, Lovely. I look at the magazine next to my bed from you. It makes me smile. Keep on keeping on, my friend! J x

  14. T's Daily Treasures

    Hi Maureen, I was by earlier today but couldn’t post a comment. :/ Things seem to be back in working order now. :) Those who don’t blog really can’t understand, just like I don’t get the appeal of Facebook or Twitter. There are many who do it all, but I am not that organized, nor do I have that much time. I have found blogging to be inspiring and motiving and am so glad to have met you on the journey. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  15. gonnabe40

    i feel happy to have found your blog!
    it’s just the same with me! i started mine just 3 months ago and it just feels me up!
    could’nt have explained it better than u!
    keep on the good work and have a great weekend.


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