‘If you don’t have 
a dream,
how can you have 
a dream come true?’

The first time I read these words, they made me nod my head and I smiled…..

It is so simple and yet we can easily forget this…
Some choices we make all start with having a dream….
cherishing a wish……
thinking about how it would be if….
I honestly love my blog title,
 it captures more than I had imagined when I started this journey.
And I have found many more dreamers, 
who, like me, wish and hope…
Very aware of the fact
how blessed we are right now with the life we live…..
Recently I stumbled upon a blog I instantly loved….
Her words, her stories, made up and real life….
Jamie writes with her heart and her blog title couldn’t have been more perfect…

It is now one of my daily reads….

And sitting here with my morning cup of tea, 
walking around blog land, reading one lovely post after another,
I read about another dream, from Courtney, this one stood out for me…..

It captured one of my many thoughts, floating around my brain….
You see, opening a store, although a different kind, is part of my seaside living dream….
And reading about Courtney’s dream simply made me smile and wish….
Some dreams are meant to stay just the way they are,
Some are the start of putting things in motion,
making the dream a reality….
And like John Lennon said in his beautiful song, Imagine,
“…..you may say I’m a dreamer….
but I’m not the only one….
I hope someday you’ll join us……”
So this post is for all my fellow dreamers out there….
Love. Smile. Dream.

On another note,
I made a new link on the right sidebar, 
“Blog of the week”
to highlight a blog that inspires me.
This will replace the Hop & Skip serie.

The first one up is Courtney from Vintch.
See you soon!

* quotes found here 
* and here

17 thoughts on “Dreamers

  1. vintch

    oh sweet maureen! thank you so much for this honor:) you just don’t know how much your kindness, encouragement and sweet words nourish my spirit. not only is your blog one of my absolute favorite reads and a perfect way to start my day, your comments on mine are always soul-lifting. you are a true friend, and i can’t thank you enough. have a beautiful day, for you certainly deserve it.

  2. Amanda

    Such an inspiring post today Maureen. Dreamers of the world unite. I think its our dreams that sustain us through tougher periods. And as a dreamer who started her store on not much else, I know you can do it too! xx

  3. Jane

    Oh, Maureen. I *adore* this post. And so love the fact that Courtney and Amanda have both commented – they both inspire me! Now I’m off to look at Jamie’s place…J x

  4. flowers on my table

    Very inspirational post Maureen and I love the flower picture too. Blog of the week is a lovely feature, I will check out your 2 recommendations. Love Linda x

  5. Laura

    My friend..i’m so in need of dreams right now..so in need of running away..
    Thnks for giving me this chance, darling..

  6. Sherri B.

    Love your header! Thank you for a very thoughful and inspiring post. You have done a good job of putting a hopeful smile on my face today. xo

  7. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    Lovely inspiring post you have shared today.
    Always great to have dreams and something to look forward to. How neat that you are writing, a blog of the week, thank you for all you share.

    Have a happy weekend


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