Grey & Yellow

My favourite and my best color to use in the house is white.
{And yes, it’s not a real color, I know….}
 We have a white cotton sofa combined with two white leather chairs, a white painted table and white painted kitchen cabinets, white Moroccan inspired lamps hanging in the hallway and in the livingroom two standing lamps with white milk glass shades from Ikea {well, I broke one so now we only have one…},
 there is always white cotton bedding on our bed and on every outside window sill we have plants blooming there white flowers….
You get the point, I love white and lucky for me Sweetheart likes it too. 
Still what’s missing is some color.
I have neutral colors and earth tone colors combined with all this white, 
but there is not an accent color. 
{Not counting the kids stuff laying around which is pretty colorful by itself}.

Now since my discovery of Pinterest, 
I started collecting color items for my inspiration board *sweet colors
and I noticed something funny….
Lou, Boos and shoes
I, Miss White, actually like the combination of Grey with Yellow….
Perhaps not to splash on these walls, but to combine in clothing or accessories, yes, I think it’s pretty.
Grey & Yellow,
to me, they seem to go together like lovers holding hands 
on a warm summer evening….
{my romantic side is popping up…}
Would you use these two lovely colors in your house or somewhere else?
* Tell me, what do you think? *
Also a warm Welcome to my new readers! 

Thanks for coming here!
See you soon,
photo 1: Maureen
photo 2: via Lou Boos and Shoes
photo 3: via
photo 4: via, acute designs

14 thoughts on “Grey & Yellow

  1. Thisisme.

    You old romantic you!! Yes, I really do like seeing grey and yellow together. I have a lovely light grey skirt with a yellow linen jacket, and it looks really good. (Well I think so anyway!!).

  2. Blondie's Journal

    We painted our family room a yummy pale yellow and I have been wondering what to pair it with. I know I will get a white sofa that I have been in love with…but I never thought of gray! It sounds wonderful! Maybe I should try wearing it first!!


  3. Jane

    Ha, Maureen, too funny! Just reading your posts title made me shudder. I am *so* not a yellow person. But I must admit those photos are stunning. I’m still not converted, though ☺. J x

  4. Maaike

    grijs en geel, ja echt prachtige combinatie! Ik ben zelf ook echt niet van geel, maar als ik deze plaatjes zie…
    Fijn lang weekend! Tenminste, ik ga er vanuit dat ze dat in Zwitserland ook vieren?

    liefs van Maaike

  5. EvaMarie Sa

    Hi Maureen,

    Yes, I would indeed mix yellow with grey in my house, it looks lovely together. Very nice post, I really like it. You’re right, white is really nice to have as a base, then you can put in a little color to put that extra “touch” to it. A little detail here and there, I like the photo with the bed and the wooden board, nice effect :)


  6. Sarah @ Modern Country Style

    Hi Maureen,

    For some completely unknown reason, that I can only put down to evilness, Google had removed me as one of your followers…so I readded myself!!!

    I LOVE grey and yellow too. I saw an awesome grey living rom a while back, with a beautiful yellow sofa. It looked amaaazing!


  7. T's Daily Treasures

    I noticed last year, season, whenever it was, that yellow and gray were a hot color combination for clothing… I have one yellow shirt that I now pair with gray, but at home I have every color combination you can imagine, and no white. Way too dusty and dirty around here for white – I don’t wear it often either because it tends to get drab right away :/ Hope you have a great weekend. Tammy

  8. Chuzai Living

    I totally agree that yellow and gray go so well together. Great expression “lovers holding hands!” I also loooove white. I have been looking for the moroccan inspired lantern/candle holder. I love Pinterest… I confess, I’m addicted to it!

  9. flowers on my table

    It is a classic combination and it looks lovely in your photos, but I wouldn’t have them together in my home. I am not very keen on yellow. I like grey and white together, but I would tend to use blue or red as my accent colour. I think that I may have done too many meditteranean yellow ochre colourwashes in my time and its put me off yellow for life! Have a great weekend, love Linda x

  10. Flotsam Friends

    Hi Maureen, I don’t think I’d use these colours in my house. Although I do love bright yellow flowers. But looking at your inspiration I can see why you’re a little hooked. They do complement each other perfectly! I particularly love it in fashion and my favourites are your last two shots. Have a great weekend. Would love you to visit Australia. Pruxxx P.S. Great to see you mentioned on Maya’s Completely Coastal Blog. She’s such an inspiration. Px

  11. Yvonne - Frl.Klein

    Dear Maureen,
    I love the combination between yellow and grey!
    And thank you so much for your e-mail!
    I send you my answer, later, o.k.?
    P.S.: Can I answer you in german,can you read it then???? It´s easier for me to explain!

  12. Laura

    My adorable friend..grey+yellow makes me think about clouds+sun..about the perfect, opposite sides of each one of us! The shades of grey and the brightness of yellow are absolutely charming together. Discovering you is everyday a pleasant surprise!

  13. vintch

    oh yellow and gray are perfect. such a delicate balance between storm and sunshine. i’ve just discovered pinterest as well, and i’m quite smitten. thank you for the lovely inspiration, sweet maureen.


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