Morning start….

You know when you are having a
*bleep* start of the day 
when you…
* walk out of the door without your car keys, go back, forget your child’s backpack, go back, again….
* realize in the car, on your way to the pre-school, that you’re still wearing your house slippers…..
* drop your contact lens the night before and think that it miraculously has appeared in it’s holder during the night….
* still think it’s the 6th while the whole day it was the 7th….
* mumble bad words to your self  because you “missed” a day, you think….
* bump into your neighbour from the next building at the supermarket and say,
 “you look so familiar…..”
* try to get out of the conversation with the familiar neighbour but no excuse is coming into your mind….
* get a call from your child saying that you forgot to put her passport in her bag….
* knew she had to go to Italy with school…..
* get a call from the teacher saying that if necessary they will leave your precious child behind at the border….
* realize the borders are open and they are travelling by bus, so you say a prayer 
{ok two to make sure….}
* get a phone call from said teacher saying that all went well, precious child has crossed the border…..
* feel the need to drink your fourth cup of coffee before the clock reached 10 am….
* want to open the front door but you forgot your keys and you are certain they where in your bag…. 
* remember that they are in your other bag, in the house….
* have to climb ninja style into your house because, luckily, you left a window open….
* realize that leaving a window open on a ground floor apartment is not the smartest thing to do….
* break your favourite milk glass lamp, while cleaning the floor, making you say more bad words……
* try to console yourself by taking a picture of it….
* are typing away on your blog, but actually you have nothing interesting to say really….
So it’s over and out for me today, see yah!
* not all of this happened to me today…..
 ok, most of it did, but the rest where other mornings…..*

8 thoughts on “Morning start….

  1. Felicity

    Woah Maureen, I hope that you’re enjoying a glass of something delicious and have an early night so that you can put an end to this day of horror quickly.

    xx Felicity

  2. Natasha

    Oh boy, I have days just like that too…apart from having to climb through windows! That must have been a real pain in the you know where! I hope the rest of the week is happier and better for you!

    Best wishes always,

  3. Jane

    Oh, Maureen, what a shocker! Even if it was a combination of a few days. That sounds like the kind of day I can have here on Planet Baby. I concur with Felicity! J x

  4. Thisisme.

    I would have been a bit worried if all that HAD happened to you all on the same day, Maureen!! By the way, you’ve always got something interesting to say!

  5. Debby

    Oh my. I hate days like that. Scary about the passport thing.
    Once I left the house in my Berks. Came home to do something and took them off when I came home. I left shortly and when I put my Berks back on one of them was cold. Here I had worn a brown one and ablue fowered one. I wonder if anyone noticed.

  6. Draffin Bears

    Oh dear Maureen, you would be glad when that day is over. So sorry, about your glass lamp.
    I feel like I have missed out on a day too, as it is Thursday here and it will soon be the weekend again eek!

    Hope that you have a better day tomorrow.


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