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These are the main labels that I write about 
here in my little corner in Blog land.
My post from yesterday belongs for sure under Life…
And life isn’t always pretty, 
but I know that time is a great healer…
Thank you to all of you who left me such sweet comments!
Even now reading them I get choked up,
so, again, thanks for your support.
I will be back with a new post on Monday,
to tell you about our summer plans
To give you a hint, I will have to say the words
“Goedemorgen”, “Gutenmorgen”, “Buenos días” and “Bonjour!”
quite often…..
Also, have you seen the new Blog of the week link?
This time it’s Reverie~Daydream from the lovely Melissa in California.
I hope you enjoy her blog as much as I do!
And on a last note,
the above picture has nothing to do with these various subjects…
 {It’s the view I have when I walk on the edge of the forest}
Take care and I will see you soon!

9 thoughts on “{various}

  1. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    I just want to send you lots of hugs and know how precious MacKenzie was to your family.
    Remember the happy times and sending hugs to you and your family.
    I do know how hard it is, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Giant Schnauzer, Heidi.

    Love to you and your family

  2. Melissa

    I just read your last post sweetie- and i am soo sorry to hear that news…

    it is just an awful time- that you all need to get through together…there is no rushing or forgetting…just getting through it…

    the children were blessed to have Mackenzie- as were you…

    huge hugs to you all…Melissa xxx

  3. T's Daily Treasures

    What a lovely view that is! Sounds like you have wonderful summer plans. We will be heading to Nepal for 10 days … even the kids are excited. :) Hope your Wednesday is wonderful. Hugs and blessings, Tammy

  4. EvaMarie Sa

    I’m so sorry to read about your dog – big hugs from Ireland!
    What a lovely view you have there – absolutely beautiful.
    Yes summer holiday is coming closer :-)
    Have a lovely evening

    Eva Marie

  5. vintch

    goodness, i want to live where you live! and make fabulous summer plans like you. can’t wait to hear all about your travels, maureen!


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