Small talk

In case you where wondering if I fell of the earth…..
I just came back yesterday from a couple of days in 
These last few weeks where very busy here, but I will be back soon to blog properly
because I have enough to talk about….
our upcoming camper trip to Spain and France…
owning an old house….
renting a holiday apartment directly from owners…..
August 5th is a special day to me…..
I will be sipping a sangria but thinking how I started this little corner in blog land
one year ago…..

Also, the new Blog of the week is the pretty blog

All the beautiful things by Loreta,

I love her photo’s, they are truly beautiful and I hope you enjoy them too!

For now, 

I will have to love you and leave you…

I hope the summer or winter (depending where you live) is going great for you!

See you soon,

16 thoughts on “Small talk

  1. Lynda

    heb t leuk maureen, heb het HEERLijk….rust lekker uit en drink er eentje van me;)!


  2. Thisisme.

    Lovely to see your name on my blog roll today, Maureen. I’ve certainly missed you and your gorgeous photographs. Hope to see you again soon.

  3. vintch

    can’t wait to hear all about your travels. have a beautiful, blessed day and i’m so glad you’re back!

  4. Blondie's Journal

    Hello and welcome back…even if it is just briefly! I’ve missed you. And you sound like you have been busy. Can’t wait to hear all about it, Maureen!


  5. T's Daily Treasures

    Hey Maureen! We returned yesterday from 10 days in Nepal. What an experience! When do you leave for your amazing journey? We will be heading to France for a few days the end of August. Hubby has been there several times for business but this will be the first time for me and the kids. Hope you are having a great day. Best wishes, Tammy

  6. Laura

    Darling, we all miss you!!!
    Loreta’s one of my faves!!! She’s absolutely talented!

  7. shopgirl

    Your camper van holiday sounds wonderful. I’ve always wanted to do that too. Looking forward to reading about your adventures!

    Rambles with Reese

  8. Amanda

    Hope you’re back soon – all your adventures sound amazing, and you have such a sunny way of telling the stories! Amanda xx


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