Summer time {1}

The sun is finally out here in Switzerland after many days of bad weather.
School and work life has started yesterday
but I still seem to be in my holiday mode….
Pinky promise I will be back to normal posting soon….
In the mean time, this photo was taken in Spain,
we stayed for a few days at Finca Naranja.
I didn’t want to leave, it was so nice to be there…
{to be continued….}

11 thoughts on “Summer time {1}

  1. Blondie's Journal

    It’s so nice to hear from you, Maureen!! I know that you have been having a lot of adventures this summer and now that things are back to normal, I hope to hear more from you!!

    Have a Happy Week!


  2. Melissa

    Hi you’re back baby!!!

    Love the pickie of spain above already- more coming??

    Can’t believe school is back at your end??!!!

    Hugs to you and yours- Melissa xxx

  3. Lynda

    ik was al op weg naar Zwitserland, maar goed dat je even zegt dat het in spanje was….waaaaaauw!!!!! is er mis met vakantiemode????? Slowstart……kalmpjes aan:)….dan breekt het lijntje niet he ;)!


  4. Amanda

    It must be so hard coming back to reality after a lovely long holiday. I’d stay in holiday mode for as long as possible Maureen if I were you. But it’s lovely to have you back! xx

  5. Life in the Country Lane

    i’ve just been catching up on your blog and enjoying the virtual holiday via the beautiful pics. My son is currently in Prague, having just been to London, Amsterdam & Berlin. Just spoke to him while he was sitting in the sun in Dresden, while it pours with rain and I am recovering from a stomach bug. Thank you for cheering me up.
    Rebecca x
    (My thoughts and big hugs to you and your family, so sorry to hear about Mackenzie.xoxo)

  6. T's Daily Treasures

    It is hard to jump right back into real life after you’ve been in relaxation mode for so long. I started back to school this past Sunday but the kids don’t go back until September 5th so they are still having lazy days. Best wishes, Tammy


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