Summer time {2}

Driving around with our mini-home-away-from-home,
we stopped at different places for the night.
Near the motorway, the beach or camping places,
we where self sufficient so for at least four days we could shower and do the dishes
without having to think about our next stop.

I love the feeling of freedom, with no planning ahead and just go with the flow!

So one night we stayed almost on the beach and had diner on the beach
in a typical Spanish fish restaurant.
In this part of Spain it is still possible to just park and enjoy!

We also stayed for some days at a beautiful boutique bed and breakfast

named Finca Naranja, near the little town of Ronda.
It is owned and run by Conchita Kien and she lives there with her two gorgeous little girls.
There are four little houses which are build with stones from the region to give the outside a traditional look. On the inside on the other hand everything is modern chic.

Conchita made us feel so welcome that we didn’t want to leave,
so we have to go back to enjoy some more of this lovely place and the surrounding area.

Have a look at her website and if you ever are looking to stay in Andalusia, 
I would say this is the place to be!

Our mini-home-away-from-home was parked on the top of the road and we continued our trip to Tarifa. This is the end of Spain, where the wind blows freely and the beaches are sandy and a feeling of freedom comes over you.

 From here you can see Morocco and even our cellphones where welcoming us with “welcome to Morocco”. Thanks to Conchita we found a restaurant where we had delicious Spanish fish and she brought us to a beautiful spot on the beach.

Of course when this nice guy from Paraguay was selling knotted bracelets, I had to by the lot.
Well not every item but I have to support the ‘locals’ right?
So now I’m wearing two all the time.

We’ve met some lovely people from Poland and Australia, Germany and Holland,
so besides the Spanish people, who are so friendly, we had a very nice international, sunny, family orientated,  beginning of our holiday.

{to be continued….}


I hope you will have a sunny and good weekend,
for coming here and taking time out of your day 
to read my blog and
to my new readers!

See you soon!


photo’s 4, 5, 6 copyright Finca Naranja

20 thoughts on “Summer time {2}

  1. T's Daily Treasures

    Maureen, it sounds like your trip got off to a fantastically beautiful start. All of your photos are so gorgeous. I loved our trip to Spain – we stayed in Madrid where we have friends and then visited Toledo and Segovia. Weather was gorgeous, cool in October, and we walked all day long. I would love to go back and experience different parts of the country. A friend at school spent last summer with her husband and daughter renting an apartment near Barcelona and this summer they were near the Seville area. thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  2. Thisisme.

    Hi Maureen. Gorgeous photos today. Looks like you had such a super time, and that boutique bed & breakfast looks wonderful! I’ve been to different parts of Spain, but very much want to visit Barcelona and Seville also. Thanks for sharing your memories with us.

  3. It's me

    Hoi Maureen ziet er allemaal heerlijk uit hoor !! mooi verslag…..kijk uit naar het vervolg…fijn weekend…liefs van mij….xxx..

  4. Maaike

    Morning Maureen, wat een heerlijke vakantie is dit geweest! Jaloersmakende plaatjes en geweldig al die reistips.

    Enne…Ja, Natuurlijk gaan we nog een keer proberen te ontmoeten in ‘ons’ Amsterdam!

    Jij alvast ook een heel fijn weekend,
    liefs van Maaike

  5. Flotsam Friends

    WOW, what a fantastic trip. How incredible. Your photos are jumping out at me. I adore all those bags hanging up but how could you have possible chosen just one… I’m sure you had to buy them all. Can’t wait to see what happens next… Enjoy. Pruxxx

  6. LindyLouMac in Italy

    It certainly looks like you had a wonderful holiday. The Italians are great Camper Van fans and everywhere is full of them at the moment. I see you did opt for some luxury as well though :)

  7. helen tilston

    Hi Maureen

    What a joyful holiday you are experiencing. It is nice to hear that some countries still allow campers to park freely in scenic places. This is not so in North America, one must park in the designated parks, in close proximity to neigbouring campers and it is costly too.
    I am your newest follower and look forward to the next episode of your trip
    Helen xx

  8. Jill

    Your holiday looks lovely, we are off to Seville next week. I have already put in my favourites the lovely B&B you stayed at, it looks divine.

  9. vintch

    looks like you had such a great time! and who wouldn’t with all that gorgeous scenery! thanks for “taking” us along with you!

  10. Liene

    Also from PotMC, thanks for sharing. The water and the sky are both so blue, I feel relaxed just from the read!

  11. Nieves R

    Thanks to Happy Homemaker UK, I have discovered your blog that I find it is so nice and intereting that, I am becoming a follower to come here again, with your permission! Regards,

  12. Erin

    First time visitor popping over from Happy Homemaker UK’s Post of the Month Club. Love all the photos, will definitely pop by again!

    Erin x

  13. Eli

    What a fun journey. I love the pic with the tote bags…can you pick one up for me? lol…

    Thanks for joining the Happy Homemaker UK party…


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