{to blog or not to blog…}

Instead of talking some more about the other two weeks of our summer holiday trip,

{which by the way was also very good, we met friends and family in Spain and France, I don’t have a lot of photo’s suitable to share here, only a bunch of personal pictures, think smiling people, beaches, river bedding, camping place, children swimming and our little girl’s first trip to a small fair},

I wanted to have a little blog talk…..

You know me, I did it here also….

To blog or not to blog…..

Well, if you are a regular reader here, you will probably have picked up that I like to blog,
the interaction with different people around the world, 
talking about our lives, our interests, our dreams….

….yes,  I really like to have my little blog and share some parts of my life here,


…there where times that my blogging mojo disappeared….
it just took a holiday, without even telling me,
left me without inspiration to share,
and writing is all about sharing….

I sometimes sit and think, 
what are the people who are coming here thinking of my blog?

…..mmmh, she is just writing a few posts a month?
….why isn’t she showing more of her personal life?
….what does she look like?
….when is she starting that give-away she said she would do?
….what shall I cook tonight?
Ok, the last one was my own thought {pfff, every.single.day…..}

To blog or not to blog…..

yep, this is also a question I think about more and more lately…..

So here is the deal…..

No, it is not my intention to write just a few posts a month…

Maybe, some day there will be a little more personal sharing here…{altough I think if you read my posts, you will have a pretty good inside in my head}

A gypsy girl on the inside, with a big behind on the outside {yes, curves baby…. well, I need something to sit on right?} who rarely stands before the camera, perhaps some day she will….

Next week more details, after I’m back from my annual flea market trip to France and Belgium

Pfff……cooking……I’m happy Sweetheart is doing a lot of this…..

To blog or not to blog…..

You know that play I like to call 
Real Life….

Where I play the mama who takes care of two kids, who shares her life with a regular travelling sweetheart of a man, who is busy with household thingy’s and school thangy’s…{yes, these are made up maureen words, but you know what I mean} and is doing this in a foreign country….

Yes, this RL play can stand in the way of me and my little corner here…

I have plenty of things to talk about,
believe me, people who know me are nodding their head in agreement now,
but sometimes, like these last few weeks, I found it hard to sit behind the computer,
especially while the weather was boiling, {for days on end I tell you, it was hot!}.

if you are still interested in coming over here to read what is going on in my little corner,

I will have to say,

thank you!

I can’t promise where all my talking will take us in the next coming weeks,
but I do know this,

to blog or not to blog….

it’s simple….

to blog it is!

See you soon,


17 thoughts on “{to blog or not to blog…}

  1. It's me

    Pffff dacht even dat je ging stoppen…..denkt iedereen wel hoor wat zal ik nu weer schrijven…..ikke ook !!…komt goed …..veel te leuk bloggen….liefs van mij…xxx…

  2. Natasha in Oz

    I’m glad to read that you will still be blogging but I completely understand where you are coming from. I still question why I blog sometimes and whether I should be stopping for a long break. I still don’t know what to do.

    I will always read your blog though and I love looking at your beautiful photos too!

    Take care and best wishes for a wonderful week!

  3. Blondie's Journal

    For me, blogging is a routine, a good routine and if I stopped for awhile, it might get replaced by other things, so I keep going. I do hope you will continue. You are warm and kind and funny and you make me smile!!


  4. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    So glad that you had a lovely family holiday.
    Also that you are going to continue blogging, as I always love coming by for a visit to see how you are and what you are up to, thank you for all you share.

    Happy week

  5. Beth

    Maureen, just keep writing – it doesn’t matter about what. I like visiting your blog because it feels like I have a little chat about this and that.
    I know what you mean about inspiration though. Sometimes it feels that there isn’t something ‘worthwhile’ going on in life that is worthy of a blog post. I have occasionally blogged about ‘nothing’ and found that it’s something to someone…
    Keep going.

  6. Thisisme.

    Love your new header Maureen! I always find your blog posts delightful, with divine photos for us to look at, but, like Natasha, I do know where you are coming from. Sometimes, my inspiration just goes up and goes and I find myself grabbing at straws! I will always be here whenever you post, so just keep on doing what you’re doing!!

  7. Lesley

    Please keep on blogging. I’m one of those tiresome people who visit your blog every day, but don’t leave a comment. I realise now how bad mannered this is, but I rarely think that I have anything of any interest to add. But I really do enjoy your blog, and just wanted you to know how much it’s appreciated. Blessings from the UK

  8. ivana

    Dear Maureen,

    I have the same doubts about blogging myself, so probably not a good one to advise ( or maybe just because so)…

    Having doubts about does the world really want to hear what I have to say etc…

    Just want you to know that your wish to share and meet people worldwide is enough for keep on blogging and it should be on your terms: because it is your corner of the world after all.

    Those of us who still will stick with you deserve it. You intrigued me with your blog look, posts and it doesn’t matter to me how personal it gets or whenever giveaway will be.

    looking forward on french – belgian trip report!!!

  9. Pet

    I’ve found you at Laura’s POTMClub. You’ve got a very interesting blog, and now a new follower too.
    Inspiration is all around!
    You might like my blog too, with my own “daydream” stories :-)

  10. Amanda

    I think we all have those kinds of blogging moments Maureen. I for one, often struggle as to what I’m going to write, and then wonder what on earth people think or why I do it. But then I think of all the lovely and genuine connect.ions I’ve made with friends around the world because of this blogging caper, and it encourages me to keep going. I for one will be back to read your posts however often you feel like sharing. xx

  11. Jane

    Oh, goodie! What a relief. Like Amanda says, we all have these existential crises, my friend. I’m not going anywhere, that’s for sure ☺. J x

  12. Sarah Elizabeth

    I’m relieved to hear that you are going to keep blogging! As you know, I’ve had similar blogging crises myself and I sometimes wonder wether I should give up my little corner of the blogosphere, as much as I enjoy it. It’s because of bloggers like you though that I carry on so I’m so glad you’re carrying on too x x

  13. maureen

    Ah, I think many of us have those same thoughts. {Even the what’s for supper thought :) } I’ve been away for the summer, and trying to decide what direction to take with my own blog. I am like you, I love my bloggy friends, but have little time to fit it all in. I don’t have any amazing answers, just to know many of us are in the same place. And I do enjoy visiting with you, and seeing your part of the world. I hope that you continue to share those bits of your life with us.

  14. LindyLouMac in Italy

    I think you worry too much we have all had these crises. I honestly feel that if you are doing this for pleasure which I guess most of us are, then do it when you feel the urge without obligation. You must know by now that blogging friends will be here even if you do post only a couple of times a month. Does it really matter, the real world and your family must always come first. Anyway you obviously decided to keep going as two great flea market posts followed this one.
    Take Care my virtual friend.


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