France and Belgium fleamarkets

In a few hours I’m off to my annual flea market trip!
This is something I do now for the 5th time with my girlfriend Patricia.
We have a blast, rain or shine!
And we go prepared….
We’re walking in our boots, our flip flops safely put in our trolley, because on the end of a long day walking, we need to speed back to the bus {we’re always back just in time….} and having your feet cool off while worming through a crowd, well, we just like to do this in flip flops….
Umbrella’s are with us too and sunglasses on our heads and we wear layers of clothes combined with a summer scarf, to start the early morning. In our baggy bag, which hangs diagonal over our shoulders,
{you need one free hand, the other holds on to the trolley, with all the goodies} 
we have a bottle of water and a snack.
We only stop to have lunch because we don’t want to see something being snapped up from under our noses while sitting at a cafe sipping cappuccino…. 
the thought alone makes me shiver…..
No, the hunt for recycled goodies is what makes it fun….
And while keeping a keen eye on all the piles on the ground or snooping around in boxes, 
we chat loud and a lot. Our goodies most of the time have a story…
how we got it or the funny people we have met during these days….
Talking loud is not a smart thing to do by the way….
We learned the hard way, so now when we want to alert each other we start speaking softer…. 
{look under that table, left from the red teapot….you see it?….} 

Because we had situations where someone else heard us yelling {OH! Look at that! I Love it!} 
and of course they snap it up right then and there….
Even though we speak Dutch to each other, in France and in Belgium there are always {and I mean always} other Dutch ladies listening to our every word and picking the one item that we wanted….. 
So soft talking and nodding with our heads is our tactic when it gets serious….
{think 6 lovely china platters for 3 euros….. yep I know, it’s very important stuff….}
If you want to read more about where we go, with which company, or see some more photo’s, 
about my trip from last year.
Also, my new readers a Warm Welcome!

And to my ever so lovely readers, 
some of you who have left me such heart warming messages,
others I know who are reading in silent,
I want to say Thank You!
It really makes me smile big time to know how you all feel 
and knowing that there are people out there who want to read Daydream Living.

I hope you have a good weekend!
I will be back on Tuesday next week.


14 thoughts on “France and Belgium fleamarkets

  1. Dani

    Liebe Maureen, oh wie aufregend, in Gedanken bin ich dabei und natürlich seeehr gespannt, was Ihr findet. Ich habe grade kürzlich an einem klitzekleinen Flohmarkt meine langersehnten, alten, weissen , dicken Langenthal Teller gefunden, wie sie meine Grossmutter schon hatte.
    Und vielen Dank für Deine Karte von l’air du sud, ich war schon zweimal da, höhö….
    xoxo Dani

  2. Jane

    Oh Sweetie, how I wish my magic carpet was ready to whiz me over to join you! I’d be looking for old wooden letters, antique linen – oh, don’t start me! Enjoy it, my friend. J x

  3. Pet

    This is really interesting. We do buy, pieces of furniture mainly, in flea markets too. It is fun, cheap, and there are jewels to be found there.
    I will try to remember about Lille, for next year. Thanks

  4. Thisisme.

    Oh, I am so envious. You and your friend will have such a great time. I adore looking around flea markets. I did smile at the thought of you and your friend whispering and making signs to each other, when you found something that you really liked! See you on your return.

  5. ramblinbess

    This looks like so much fun! We have a few nice flea markets in Denver, and we just got a craft fair called The Horseshoe Fair, which is sort of like, live. I got a vintage Asian shirtdress.

  6. Melissa

    i want to come- this trip and the 6th and the 7th and the 8th…and the 99th!!!

    lotsa pickies between all the whispers to each other my friend…

    enjoy for us all…melissa xxxx

  7. flowers on my table

    Oh my goodness Maureen, you made me laugh, you and Patricia are so serious and professional about your shopping. I hope you managed to get some wonderful buys. Love Linda x


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