One special word

Letters put next to each other.
They can be powerful, they can be sweet…..
I am a big lover of words.
I love it all….
Yesterday I came across a word I wanted to share with you.
A word we all know, but sometimes we can look at it and simply don’t recognise it…
It propels us into some kind of action.
Because that’s what this word does best.
Big or small actions, it’s all the same.
This word is a family member of the word 
And we all know how Karma works.
What goes around, comes around….
So hopefully by talking about it today, we’ll give it some more attention in our daily life,
putting it into action when we can, sharing it with the people we love and the people we don’t know….

I don’t mean that you have to go out of your way to use it, if you want that’s fine,
but it can be something small like,
saying I love you more to your loved ones….
smiling to a stranger; you can cheer up someones day….
help someone who needs it, {even if they are afraid to ask}….

Just remember,
a small gesture can go a far way….
I’m also a big believer of the concept Paying it Forward,
we can talk some more about this in another post,
and the special word for today is totally connected with this….
I’m talking about
* Kindness *

The picture I came across yesterday said:

Kindness is difficult to give away,
it usually comes back.
{You see? family of Karma}

I think I will make Kindness my 3rd favourite word, after Love and Focus,

because in these days where the world can be a dark place,

we all can use some more positive energy surrounding us, right?


I hope you’ll have a great weekend,
filled with lots of Kindness,
either receiving or giving…
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17 thoughts on “One special word

  1. Thisisme.

    Beautiful post Maureen, and Kindness has always been my favourite word. It is mentioned on the sidebar of my blog. The world can never have enough kindness in it. I love your little quote – and I firmly believe in Karma. Have a lovely weekend my friend.

  2. Pet

    So beautiful. In physics it is called Newton’s 3th law. It has always been applied to gun shots (gun recoil) and so, but it works equally well with kindness. If only we humans were smarter!

  3. ramblinbess

    It’s nice to have a few words to inspire you. It’s kind of a coincidence because I have a stone shaped like a heart (like in your picture) and painted white that’s supposed to be a little talisman for me when I’m a work and feeling angry/unappreciated/insecure. It’s meant to remind me to be more generous, first to myself, and then to others. I had to hold it today. :-)

  4. Happy Homemaker UK

    Hi my Maureen – absolutely! I’ve been discussing the concept of karma a lot with my kiddos lately. And a little bit of kindness goes a long way, doesn’t it?! Wishing you a weekend with lots of karmic goodies :) XOL

  5. ~*~ saskia ~*~

    Interesting post, sweet Maureen. Ik ga het nog een keer lezen…
    Een heel gezellig weekend, is het in Zwitserland ook nog behoorlijk zomers? Een zonnig weekend wacht op ons..
    Liefs xx

  6. Beth

    Hi Maureen, I am having a real catch up morning as life has been so busy recently and I apologise for the lack of comments from me these last few weeks. I have been visiting via my phone but it doesn’t let me comment ( will have to sort that one out).
    Anyhow, I adore your three words and if I may I will probably put them up somewhere in my home. I have a few words up on the wall in my daughter’s room and I think that Love, Focus, Kindness should definitely be there too.
    have a great week.


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