Storage inspiration

Good Monday morning!
The sun is still shining here, smiling at Autumn, saying things like
please wait your turn, I’m not done yet….
Autumn sunshine…..
I’m loving it!
Today I wanted to share some storage inspiration, since I’m cleaning out our storage space and brewing over some storage ideas to use inside. Stuff just keeps coming in, wonder how that is possible…
This little wicker basket from Ikea normally stands in our bathroom, we each have one. 
(The light in the bathroom isn’t great to take pictures in, so I made this one in the living room).

It’s a good way to keep smaller items together and the natural look is a nice accent color 
to combine with all the white in there.
You can use small baskets like this for a lot of things.
It’s cousin in white is holding all the chargers we have, so I can keep track of them.
Otherwise they have a tendency to wander around, showing up at the strangest places.
Or hiding really well whenever I need to charge my phone or camera…..
If you want to see 
more storage inspiration, 
(be warned, it can be addictive…)

have a look over here.
Have a good day!

12 thoughts on “Storage inspiration

  1. It's me

    Heerlijk weer is het in Nederland…..heb de hele middag buiten gezeten..en we houden het de hele week…….yes! ..liefs van mij…xxx..

  2. maureen

    I love using baskets, and when they are pretty, so much the better.
    And I will click on the pinterest link even though I know I will get lost there. :)
    have a great week

  3. elizabeth

    Good Morning Maureen,

    I came across your site through reverie and am delighted I did.
    I’m going through an organizing stage too. I’m looking for things to make my life thanks for your inspiration.
    I look forward to more daydreams.

  4. Roxie

    fotografia este deosebita…deosebita…ma doare inima cand ii vad privirea…tineretea priveste cu incredere si o urma de za0rat…betbanetea&#823m;parca a adunat in priviri toata durerea de pe pamant…astept cu multa curiozitate povestea acestei…priviri…


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