A Trip, a Hop & a Winner…

It’s already a couple of days in October,
our family month, with birthdays and a Fall holiday coming soon…..
I will come back later to talk about our upcoming
Trip to Ibiza…..


To get you in the Spanish mood, Hop over to Pet.
He (yes ladies, he is a man) has a very interesting blog about his life in
San Sebastian and his view on different things in life.
I like to Hop to Pet’s place, so if you want, go and walk around his blog
Pencil and Box
the new Blog of the Week.


And again,
Thank you
 to all of you who have left me such funny and sweet comments for this give away!
I really enjoyed reading them all!

My oldest daughter picked a winner……
We did it old school style,
you know, piece of paper, writing, cutting and mixing the names…..

You can send me an email with your details and your French goodies are coming your way.


So I will see you all later,
I also have a lot of blog hopping to do…

So many blogs, so little time….

See you soon!

7 thoughts on “A Trip, a Hop & a Winner…

  1. Thisisme.

    Oh me, oh my, how lucky am I?!! I am so happy to have won those pretty little things. Thank you so much, and thank you to your oldest daughter for picking little old me!! I have just sent you an e-mail with my details :)

  2. Pet

    Maureen, this is really very kind of you to choose my blog as your blog of the week. I’m glad that you like it that much. I’m writing from London right now and in a bit of a rush, but since it seems that you like Ibiza, I wonder if you’ve ever been to Formentera – the tiny island nearly in front of the city of Ibiza itself. Well, if anything, I believe my blog to be a good introduction to the little island. You can find a few things under the Formentera label/tagboard of my blog. I’ll follow your Ibiza trip closely too. Thanks a lot. Pet


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