Age is just a number ~ part two

* this is my lovely birthday cake
* for my 41st bday
* bday as in birthday
* it was yesterday and I had a good day
* i was spoiled with presents, phone calls, with people singing, all day long and i loved it
*  dinner and a movie with friends was a great way to close the day
* now we have two more bdays coming up
* my oldest little girl turns 14 tomorrow, time goes by so fast…
* my youngest little girl turns 4 on monday, yes a halloween bday
* it seems like yesterday that both of them where born
* that means more cake to come, balloons to hang in the evening and presents to wrap
* sweetheart and i always enjoy doing this for them, making them feel special on their bday
* so why this title, again, you might think?
* i wrote about part one a year ago and i still think it’s true
* age is just a number, you are as old as you feel, right?
* and i don’t feel 41…. how is one supposed to feel, behave or dress at this age anyway?
* isn’t 40 the new 30? so that makes 50 the new 40?
* anyhoo……, today i didn’t feel like writing capitals or making long sentences
* i’m more in a making lists mood
* like making a list for the two upcoming bdays
* so tell me:

* what do you think about your age?

* do you like it? do you say it out loud? 
* or are you disliking it? wishing time didn’t go so fast?
* which part is the best of your age and what part isn’t?
* what i personally don’t like are the grey hairs…… now that’s a whole different story…..
* if you want, share your side in the comment box below 
* i will respond to it, also in the comment section, of this post 
* for now it’s over and out from this mama 
* Maureen
* xx

28 thoughts on “Age is just a number ~ part two

  1. Sherri B.

    Happy Birthday to you!! Sounds like you had a perfectly marvelous one too. – Happy Birthday to your girls, wishing them a good one also!

  2. flowers on my table

    Hi Maureen, Happy Birthday! That looks like a very delicious cake.
    I am now 50, but I don’t mind it. My man is 41, so that’s quite good! I do think about the future and my daughter who is only 9. I shouldn’t worry, I should just keep fit and healthy, and keep blogging because it makes me happy. But 50 is the new 40 and 40 is the new 30, so we are o.k. for a long time! Happy Birthday to your 2 lovely girls and a Happy Halloween too. Love Linda x

  3. Red Rose Alley

    I visited your blog today – I saw you on ‘Simply Inspired.’ Your blog is so pretty and cheerful. While I was reading, I noticed that you live in Switzerland. My daughter traveled through Europe for three months, and when she stopped in Switzerland, she thought it was wonderful. She said everything was so groomed, perfect, and colorful. We started a new blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow. I would enjoy coming back to visit with you. Your blog is so peaceful and filled with beauty, and I am leaving here today with a smile. I hope to hear from you, and have a sweet day.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. Daydream Living

    Hi everyone!
    Thanks for the warm wishes, yes a house full of birthdays is nice.

    To Linda: thanks honey, and don’t worry indeed, 50 is also just a number right? cheers!

    To Sheri: Thanks you for visiting me, I will hop over to your blog soon

    Maureen xx

  5. Thisisme.

    Happy birthday for yesterday Maureen. Gosh, what a lovely lot of celebrations in just a few days. Enjoy, and happy birthday to your two daughters. I see there is ten years between them. There are seven years between my two daughters. I’m 64 now, but this is such a good time in my life. I have lost a few friends along the way, which is always so sad, and I always make sure that I appreciate the beauty of nature all around me. Hopefully, 60 is the new 50 then, so all is right with the world. I have three beautiful grandchildren that I can enjoy and do silly things with, so all is well ikn my little world! Hugs.

  6. My Grama's Soul

    Good morning Maureen Happy birthday to you. You are so right in feeling that age is just a number. I’m 65 and will say it proudly to anyone who asks…..although few are brave enough to do so. LOL LOL

    and about those grey hairs….L’Oreal is the answer.


  7. Pet

    Happy birthday, but yes ageing is always a weird feeling. Like happy to be celebrating I am here, but how long will the party last :-)

  8. T's Daily Treasures

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Dear Maureen, happy birthday to you … cha-cha-cha. Our October birthdays and anniversary are over for another year. I’ll be 46 in February which kinds seems strange; I don’t know how it happened. Doesn’t make sense to me when someone doesn’t want to say their age. Can’t change it, might as well accept it. I state my age proudly. There’s something to be said for life experience. What’s really great is no one believes me when I say I am 45. They think I’m still in my 30’s. :) Happy birthday wishes to the girls. Take care! Tammy

  9. Loree

    Happy birthday. You’re just a could of months older than I am :)Not sure I like this age yet. I think time is flying by too fast. I want to savour each moment to the fullest before it all escapes through my fingers :)

  10. Jane

    Oh, belated happy 41st, Maureen! It’s a great number, my friend – you’ve just joined me there ☺. I totally agree. I’m not hung up on the number thing, either. J x

  11. Daydream Living

    Hi everyone!
    It’s so nice to read how you all feel about getting older! Again, thanks for the best wishes for me and my girls xx

    To This is me: I know I want to be as active as you when I’m 64! Cheers!

    To Anna: 29 is a great number to enjoy over and over…. *smile*

    To Jo: Thanks for hair tip, I have to dye it every 5 weeks on the side lines…xx

    To Pet: I know what you mean, the party will hopefully last a very long time!

    To Tammy: I hear you, and yes life experience is underrated xx

    To Loree: it’s just a mind set hon, you will like it soon (right?) I worry more about my weight then my age….

    To Jane: we are again on the same page xx

    Thank you all for making me smile!
    Maureen xx

  12. Melissa

    Hi beautiful friend…

    40 is the new 30 …so happy 31st gorgeous girl!!

    I love that you were spoilt rotten- that’s what bdays are for and that is what you will do over the next to days for your two little lovelies…although N & my E are not really such *little* lovelies anymore – maybe just lovelies!

    I would shower you in bday love you know that- good food, good talks late into the night and good wine {for me…maybe bubbles for you- would you drink that on your bday??}…we will do it someday- very excited bout your email- i just have one poorly boy to sort and i’ll gt back to you….Australia!!??!!

    M xxx

  13. Life in the Country Lane

    Happy Birthday for yesterday Maureen. Good to hear you enjoyed your day. Mine was last week and I always feel younger than the number. It all comes down to how you feel and what you do to feel good about yourself no matter the age. Have loved catching up on your blog – its been a little while. Enjoy your weekend.
    Rebecca x

  14. Daydream Living

    Hi everyone!

    Well to close this post, I fully agree with Rebecca; what you do to feel good about yourself, that’s the key ingredient I believe so too.
    Thanks for all your best wishes and comments!
    Maureen xx

  15. Maaike

    Hey Maureen! Tis even geleden dat ik hier langskwam, ik heb je verjaardag gemist! Alsnog van harte, ook voor je meiden natuurlijk. Wat een feest!

    Sinds ik zwaardere tijden heb gekend met m’n gezondheid vind ik ouder worden juist een feest :-) ieder jaar erbij is een mooi iets om te vieren; nieuwe wijsheden, nieuwe ervaringen… Lekker Genieten iedere dag!

    Een fijne week voor jou en veel plezier morgen met je verjaardag van je jongste dochter. En ik denk vaak aan je, als ik het mooie porceleinen hartje zie.

    liefs uit Canada,

  16. Anna

    Happy Belated Birthday Maureen!
    I hope you had a lovely day!

    I’m 36 and I say it out loud to anyone who cares to listen :) But I loved being 26..

  17. Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy}

    I came across your blog via a comment you left a while back on my own blog and thought I’d pay a visit! :)

    Happy Birthday and glad to hear you had a fabulous day of being spoiled!

    Age – oooh it’s a funny thing, isn’t it? I’m now in my late 30’s, fully aware that 40 isn’t too far ahead. Sometimes I hate it because I look in the mirror and I think I look younger (often mistaken for my late 20s so weyhey lol) but not just that, I FEEL younger. Half the time I wonder if I’m allowed to call myself an ‘adult’ yet! lol And yet, time keeps marching on and my age becomes a badge to wear, proudly or not depending upon my mood!

    Honestly, sometimes I’m fine with it and sometimes I worry irrationally – about becoming obsolete, about being replaced, about losing relevance. I told you, it’s irrational…

    It’s so nice to read comments, however, from women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s who are quite happy and confident and it fills me with hope that life certainly doesn’t lose quality as we age! On the contrary, on my better days, I know we are more like fine wine and only getting better with age :) God knows I wouldn’t want to go back to my teens!! lol

    Anyway, sorry for the rambling comment – it’s something that struck a chord obviously! Enjoy your own birthday and your daughters’ birthdays as well! xx

  18. LindyLouMac in Italy

    Hi Maureen, As you know I am back from my travels and I am now busy catching up with all my favourite bloggers. It is taking awhile as you have all been so productive in my absence. I have enjoyed all your recent posts with a cup of tea this afternoon. I see you have been on holiday as well and had a Birthday, Belated Greetings and I agree age is just a number. We must be grateful we have reached it for one thing and I am hoping 60 is the new 50. :)


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