Ibiza ~ part one

I’m off to the beautiful island of Ibiza
in about 30 minutes
so no time to make this a long post,
I will tell you more about Ibiza when I am back in 10 days….
One of the residents I have met when I was there the first time, 
was Gypsy Westwood (I love her first name!) who is a photographer.
She makes beautiful photo’s of weddings,
go and have a look on her website.
I will be enjoying some family time with Sweetheart and our girls,
no computers with us, just the beach and sunshine,
so I have to love you and leave you for now!
See you soon,

photo: Gypsy Westwood photography

13 thoughts on “Ibiza ~ part one

  1. Thisisme.

    Have a super time. My daughter has been to Ibiza twice this summer and she hasn’t stopped raving about how wonderful it was!!


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