Ibiza ~ part two

Most people have an opinion just hearing the name Ibiza,
either good or bad….
Dance music, DJ’s, parties till the sun comes up,
of course it’s all there too…
But most of the island is nothing like this at all…..

Many families have found this Spanish island,
with over 70 little bays, sandy and rocky beaches, friendly people,
a big international crowd, lovely shops, hippy markets
and beautiful summer weather deep into Autumn…. 
I heard much about its little neighbour Formentera, 
but we couldn’t make it over to this island, so hopefully if we can go back,
we will go to those beautiful beaches everyone keeps talking about….
I’ve been twice to Ibiza, last winter and last week and I have to say,
Ibiza is my kind of island….
I have to thank my oldest daughter for making this movie for me,
I’m one proud mama!

So instead of watching photo’s,
here is a part of our week in Ibiza,
movie style…..

Have a great weekend!


13 thoughts on “Ibiza ~ part two

  1. Jane and Lance Hattatt

    Hello Maureen:
    What fun the little film is! A perfect way to introduce Ibiza, clearly an island of dreams.

    It is so true that impressions of a place are often quite misleading and only the truth can be revealed once one has seen for oneself. Ibiza looks a delight and we are sure that a good time was had by all!

  2. WinnibriggsHouse

    Hi Maureen, brilliant!
    We haven’t been to Ibiza, but spent many happy holidays in Menorca and your film
    (Well done Noa ) brought back loads of super memories.
    We often only hear the bad bits of some holiday destinations, but most have other little gems waiting to be discovered.x

  3. Thisisme.

    Hi Maureen. Well done Noa! What a lovely little video of Ibiza. It certainly does look like a magical place. Hopefully I will get there one day in the not too distant future. hugs.

  4. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    What a wonderful video of Ibiza, thank you Maureen and to your daughter, for showing us around the beautiful Island. I loved the blue sparkly water and the gorgeous clear blue sky against the pristine white houses and buildings.

    Hope that you are having a happy weekend

  5. flowers on my table

    What great fun Maureen! It was just the sunny lift that I needed, as it hasn’t stopped raining here for days. Well that’s not true, it has stopped today…hooray! I must admit I am one of those people who turned their nose up at Ibiza, but your description and movie have made me change my mind, so thankyou! Thankyou for sending me an e-mail. I am not quite sure what I am doing wrong to make it bounce back. but I will check it out. Hope you are all having a ball, with much love Linda x


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