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Favourite and Best Find – {Linky Party}

Hello everyone!
Hope the weekend was good?
Today is the day to show your Favourite and Best Find.
And what better way to do so than with a linky party!
Last week I showed you my Favourite and Best Find,
and as I said, you can show something old or new,
found or bought, big or small,
as long as it has some kind of value to you.
All you have to do is:
* make a post on your own blog,
(or maybe you already posted it before, that’s fine too),
* link it up with the linky tool down below, follow the instructions,

* link back to Daydream Living in your post,
(if you want, you can use the photo above)

 * and it will be great if you visited some of the other blogs who are showing and telling too.

I look forward to see what you will show,
so let’s link it up!

Coming soon: Linky Party ~ Favourite and Best Finds

There are a million and one linky parties on the web,
so why another one, you might think?
Well, because I think it’s a great way to see what your favourite and best find is!
It will be like an I-show-you-mine-and-you-show-me-yours-party….

But before I do this,
I want to know if there is anyone out there who likes this idea, you know, testing the waters first since this is my first time hosting a linky party….

So see this post as an open invitation, 
you are all invited!

It doesn’t have to be old, it can be new,
it can be something you recently found or something you already have for a long time.
Perhaps you already made a post about it, link it up, so we all can enjoy it.

My favourite and best find is my Swiss chandelier!

You know, sometimes, when you least expect it, you will walk into a special object….
The one you where looking for all these years….
I was looking for a chandelier, not too big, not too small and four years ago I found it!
Walking up the stairs in a ‘brockenhaus’ (thrift store) it was hanging there, 
filled with dust but otherwise in perfect condition. The price was so good, I thought it was a mistake or something was broken or missing, but no, it was in tip top shape.
After cleaning it with an old toothbrush it was ready for it’s new life with us.
This photo was taken last year when we lived in the other apartment.
I had some very old aqua drops which I found at a Belgian flea market to put a little color in it.
Since then I have found some more drops and with Christmas almost around the corner,
I think it will look great with some more blue drops.
{You know, to spice it up, cause that’s how I roll….}
So, let’s make some noise!
If there are enough people saying, ‘yep I’m in’ (let’s say more than 3…)
the party will be this
 Monday, November 21.

Hope to see you there!

Now I’m off reading some more blogs.
{I’m behind in my visits to you all, see you soon!}


Linking this post to Sarah’s Good Life Wednesday
over at A Beach Cottage.

Pinterest & Link with Love

Today I thought, 
let’s make this post about two subjects!
Yep, I want to make up for all those days I was missing in action.
Welcome to everyone who is new here and virtual hugs if you are coming here daily!
First, let’s talk a bit more about Pinterest.

If you have been a regular reader here, 
you know that I love to stroll around there.
(You can have a stroll at My Boards if you don’t know Pinterest yet.)
is my most viewed post;  
mostly because people use Google to search how they can get an invitation
to use Pinterest and voila, a whole lot of people end up here.
To me, Pinterest is feeding me with loads of ideas for photography or styling.
When I read inspiring words, it makes me stand still for a moment and think.
There are great ideas, from simple things to amazing crafts, which make me think I can do that too….. (ahum…)
And what I really like is the fact that I find new blogs.
If I see an interesting photo, I click on the original website or blog and sometimes I find really great ones!
When I don’t have a lot of time to ‘repin’ the photo on my boards, I click on the ‘like’ button. 
I use this also when I don’t know for sure if I want to keep the image. 
And when I have more time, I place them on the right board or ‘unlike’ them. 
If you want, have a look over here at my ‘Likes’ page, to see what I mean. 
* (Just know that the words on the ‘Likes’ category are not mine; when you ‘like’ a photo, the text from the person who wrote the underline stays there until you repin it, and then you can change it, which I always do).

* Only if you already are a follower here and you are still waiting for your invitation from Pinterest, 
send me an email and we’ll talk…. 
Happy Pinning!


Last but not least, Link with Love….
Have you noticed that I placed a Link with Love button on the right side?
This is what they write on their website:
They also sell this poster:
It’s a great reminder to give credit where credit is due.
And yes, I too have used the link ” image found here”, 
specially when I first started blogging, but that isn’t the same as giving someone credit.
Use their name, make a link from it so people can find out more about the photographer, 
blogger, artist, or product. 
That’s how I found the Daydreams photo from Laura George.
When I wrote my guest post for Melissa, she used this image, with a link to Pinterest, where the original source was to Laura George’s flickr page. I contacted Laura the same day, and a week later I had my own copy of her beautiful photo. I’m so happy with it! 
If Melissa hadn’t used a link to Laura, I wouldn’t have found her website and 
would never have ordered her photo…
And yes, I know that it’s not always possible to credit the original source, 
but making an effort to find where an image came from, 
or to make the words into a link,
is the least you can do if you place it on your blog, right?
See you soon!
Image 1: Laura George
image 2 and 3: Link with Love