Coming soon: Linky Party ~ Favourite and Best Finds

There are a million and one linky parties on the web,
so why another one, you might think?
Well, because I think it’s a great way to see what your favourite and best find is!
It will be like an I-show-you-mine-and-you-show-me-yours-party….

But before I do this,
I want to know if there is anyone out there who likes this idea, you know, testing the waters first since this is my first time hosting a linky party….

So see this post as an open invitation, 
you are all invited!

It doesn’t have to be old, it can be new,
it can be something you recently found or something you already have for a long time.
Perhaps you already made a post about it, link it up, so we all can enjoy it.

My favourite and best find is my Swiss chandelier!

You know, sometimes, when you least expect it, you will walk into a special object….
The one you where looking for all these years….
I was looking for a chandelier, not too big, not too small and four years ago I found it!
Walking up the stairs in a ‘brockenhaus’ (thrift store) it was hanging there, 
filled with dust but otherwise in perfect condition. The price was so good, I thought it was a mistake or something was broken or missing, but no, it was in tip top shape.
After cleaning it with an old toothbrush it was ready for it’s new life with us.
This photo was taken last year when we lived in the other apartment.
I had some very old aqua drops which I found at a Belgian flea market to put a little color in it.
Since then I have found some more drops and with Christmas almost around the corner,
I think it will look great with some more blue drops.
{You know, to spice it up, cause that’s how I roll….}
So, let’s make some noise!
If there are enough people saying, ‘yep I’m in’ (let’s say more than 3…)
the party will be this
 Monday, November 21.

Hope to see you there!

Now I’m off reading some more blogs.
{I’m behind in my visits to you all, see you soon!}


Linking this post to Sarah’s Good Life Wednesday
over at A Beach Cottage.

11 thoughts on “Coming soon: Linky Party ~ Favourite and Best Finds

  1. michele

    what a lovely chandelier and a fabulous blog you have! just lovely. i’m your new follower and hope you’ll follow back!



  2. Loree

    It’s a lovely chandelier. My great aunt had one exactly like it in her living room. I think she had thrown it out some years ago.

  3. Pet

    I really like your chandelier. May be because it is not that different from one I’ve got myself – but yours is prettier, and I’m not trying just to be nice. About November 21 I’ll try to be around, but again it seems I’m too slow. Do I have to post something or what? Well, I’ll see how this goes.


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