Almost in the holiday spirit…

The 'WOW' factor in the large and spacious kitchen/dining-room.
  {Kitchen at Meadowgate, Kirstie’s home in Devon}
Another week went by, 
slipping us well into December.
Last week I was busy with my RL*,
here and in Amsterdam,
and as always, time flies….
End of next week the schools are out,
preparations for Father Christmas are on it’s way,
our Christmas tree has a great spot in the corner next to the fireplace,
candles are burning in the evening
and so far (fingers crossed) the snow stays in the mountains….
I hope this year I will end up with more crafts, so far I am half way on my first ever scarf…. 
(will this be the year I really make something wearable?)

Last year I didn’t make any handmade items for the holidays, 
so hopefully these next two weeks
my handy dandy mood boards will provide me with some 
much needed inspiration.
By the way,
 for the people who know Kirstie Allsopp
she is coming back this week with a 
Handmade X-mas special!
I love her work (and Phil too, of course), have you seen 
the Handmade Britain series? So British, so lovely!

And speaking of lovely British things,
have you seen the new Blog of the Week?
It’s Sarah from Modern Country Style,
if you haven’t visited her before, go and get inspired by her great blog.

As for me,
I will be watching Kirstie this week
to get me some Christmassy feelings.

How about you?
Are you making something
for your loved ones or your home
for the holidays this year?
* Real Life

photo copyright: Kirstie 

12 thoughts on “Almost in the holiday spirit…

  1. Sarah @ Modern Country Style

    Oh, lovely girlie, you have absolutely made my day, no, week, no, month!! Thank you so much!! I am bowled over!!

    I love Kirstie too – I am a huge fan of her shows – all those lovely things to make!! I’m glad they’re airing it over there for you.

    A big, fat, Christmassy hug to you,

  2. It's me

    Hoi hoi…je hebt toch zeker wel mijn mooie banner gezien ???……het is kerst in huize Ria…..ik heb me er toe gedwongen……liefs van mij…xxx..

  3. Thisisme.

    Hi Maureen. Glad you have your tree up and the candles burning. Yes, I love Kirstie and all her craft programmes. I loved watching her make Meadowgate into such a lovely home.

  4. Loree

    We’re travelling for Christmas this year. Off to the US to spend time with my husband’s family. No decorations in our house so it is looking a little forlorn.

  5. vintch

    my sweet friend! you just don’t know how much it warmed my heart yesterday to receive your comments! how i’ve missed you on this bloggy space:) i’m slowly getting into the holiday mode myself…so much to be done still, though!

    thank you thank you THANK YOU for introducing me to that blog! not only are her style and taste impeccable, her story of fight and survival is beyond inspiring!


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