Great tip

A very tiny little post today but I wanted to share it.
I saw this picture on Given to Love and I think it’s a great way of 
keeping things simple 
and a good reminder not to go overboard with
lots of presents that will end up in the back of a closet after the holidays….
I’m not away to Amsterdam yet, 
just running around doing daily life stuff…
A warm welcome to my new readers,
and to everyone always stopping by for a visit,
Thank you for reading along!
whoop! whoop!
See you soon!

photo via Given to Love

12 thoughts on “Great tip

  1. Blondie's Journal

    This is a wonderful message, Maureen. I wish I had this to refer to when my kids were younger…they are a little spoiled now! ;-D

    Hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying the holidays!


  2. Melissa

    Hi beautiful- pinned this- very wise and wonderful words…

    Thinking of you as I pack up our lives here in ol’Blighty….

    Melissa xxx


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