The last one

Another year is almost here…

The last few weeks have been pretty busy….
School stopped two weeks ago,
and our house was full with guests.
 My oldest girl had a lovely friend staying with us for eight days,
she travelled all the way from Australia and they had a good time together.
We also had a sweet dog as a guest pet for five days. We enjoyed having another dog in the house,
 although we miss our Mackenzie still, it was nice to see the girls interacting with another dog.
While the girls where enjoying their free days,
snow started falling and everything stayed white for a couple of days before the rain came back….
And before we knew it,
it was time again for us to pack our bags and make the journey to Amsterdam.
This was our 5th time travelling back home, spending Christmas with family and friends.
We went by car, driving through Germany and also this time we stopped at ‘our’ little hotel,
cutting the journey in two and making it feel more like a holiday instead of a long journey in the car.
We arrived last Saturday in a dry and not too cold Amsterdam, so not typical for this time of year,
it makes you wonder about our climate changes…..
Christmas eve and Christmas day came and went
and I haven’t even wished everyone of you a
Very Happy Christmas!
I do hope it was a good one, hopefully you will look back on it with warm memories.
We had a lovely Christmas time, there where presents, funny photo moments,
decorating cookie houses and games with cousins,
but most of all our Christmas time was spending time with family and friends.
So what have I been doing after Santa left?
Well, we went on a very big boat and hopped to the other side of the canal,
to England! Yep, these last 3 days we have been in Stratford upon Avon, visiting our UK friends and
walking around here in Shakespeare’s old town,which is really nice (and there are some lovely shops).
I’m now typing away here in my hotel bed, it’s the middle of the night, with two sleeping girls on one end and one sleeping man next to me. We will be heading back towards Amsterdam this Saturday and spend a couple more days in the new year there. So when I arrive back in Switzerland (a.k.a. home)
it will be really 2012….
I just wanted to touch base here in my little corner, telling you quickly what I have been doing.
I will be back responding my emails and making blog visits once I’m back to my daily routine.
As for now,
this was my last one….
My last post for 2011.
It’s a funny feeling knowing that the year is almost coming to an end.
It’s time to reflect and to look forward….
So from me to you:
I wish you a
healthy and positive 2012,
filled with laughter and happiness!

16 thoughts on “The last one

  1. Kom Achterom

    Ha Maureen,
    Toch gezellig hier voor de feestdagen! en ook nog even naar Engeland lees ik waah lijkt met fantastisch! de kerstsfeer daar ik stel me er altijd heel veel van voor. (tv syndroom???)
    Hier gaat alles zijn gangetje met veel genieten met en van elkaar.
    Ik wens jou en je familie een heel fijne jaarwisseling en een super goed nieuwjaar
    lieve groetjes

  2. ivana

    I enjoy reading about your journey! It seems as if you’re having exciting and beautiful moments Looking forward to see photos.

    Thank you for your wishes! Wishing you all the best of New year!

  3. Thisisme.

    Lovely to see you here today Maureen! Sounds as if you have had a lovely time. I wish you and all your family a very happy, peaceful and healthy new year my friend. See you next year!

  4. Jill

    So you are here in lovely England although the weather has not been to good for you. I would love to wish you and family a very Happy New Year.
    love Jillx

  5. Jane

    Oh Sweetheart. Your little getaway sounds so delightful. Thankyou for your gorgeous support and friendship through a turbulent year. I look forward to sharing this bloggy caper with your in 2012! J x

  6. flowers on my table

    Goodness Maureen you have been busy. Lovely that you got home to Amsterdam and had a little bonus trip to Stratford! Wishing you and your family a joyful and productive 2012. I have so enjoyed meeting and visiting you in 2011, and look forward to what the coming year brings. With much love to you, Linda x

  7. Beth

    Happy new year to you Maureen. You have been a busy bee traveling around with your family. I read your post quickly at first and thought that you had travelled to Australia instead of having a guest from Australia! Never mind, maybe one day you will make the trip.

  8. T's Daily Treasures

    You certainly have been having a wonderful jam-packed, wonderful holiday! I’m cleaning and organizing the kids room. Painted yesterday (ugh!) and today their new furniture arrives (my body already feels like it’s been run over). Happy New Year to you and yours. Best wishes for the week, Tammy


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