60 is the magic number

Hallo allemaal!
(ha! just throwing a bit of Dutch in it, just to spice things up!)
What? You don’t read Dutch? No problem….
Hello everyone! 
(see, very easy)
For the last two days I really couldn’t help but wonder:
‘when was the last time I did something for the first time?’ 
I posted about it on Wednesday and bizarre enough, it still plays in the back of my mind,
tinkling little tinkles in my head…
So when I was at the gym yesterday, I had this tinkling again….
I was breathing hard and trying not to sing out loud with MTV, when it hit me….
(by the way, great rap songs in the morning, sometimes I have no clue what they’re singing but it’s good for a fast rhythm)
The last time….a first time….mmmmh….
What if I broke my own ‘record’ on the cross trainer? 
Please read ‘record’ with a big grain of salt…
You see, it would be a first time for me if I made it through a whole hour! 
So there I was, ploughing away….
left and right and up and down…. 
and suddenly there it was!
The ‘magic’ number….. 60 minutes….626 calories….I was really proud of myself! 
Not to mention how relieved I was that I didn’t fell of the bloody machine, the super duper cross trainer.
(and trust me, I already fell off the treadmill….not a pretty sight….but I laughed loud and long….that’s just me) 

Anyway, now I have an answer when someone just happens to ask me:
“When was the last time you did something for the first time?” 
I can say with a smile:
“Well thank you for asking, that would be the day when….blablablabla….60 minutes!….blablabla…..”
(now all I need to remember is the date….better yet, I’ll write it down under my very important things to remember…*)
I will probably keep tinkling this question in my head for a long time to come….
why oh why….. 

Geniet van het weekend!

Enjoy the weekend!
* {note to self: make very important things list in new note book}

5 thoughts on “60 is the magic number

  1. Blondie's Journal

    I’m so happy you broke your record!! Good for you! I am still thinking of something I might be able to do…you gave us much food for thought!

    Happy Weekend, Maureen!



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