Be You(tiful)

Hello 2012!

Yes, a new year has started and it’s already a whole week since we blew firework into the sky 
(in the Netherlands you are allowed to do it yourself).

We came back three days ago and now 
I’m trying to catch up with my blog visits and email.

But there were some things on my mind….

what shall I write about?
what photo is inspiring?
is this something I want to share on the internet?
I really need to email this person.
who did I forget to respond back to?
and so on…
So I figured, 
this is not the way to start my new year….

There isn’t enough time in my daily life to keep up with so many lovely blogs, 
but I will try, 
slowly but surely because I simply love to blog! 

So….having said this, I’m starting this new year,
fresh and without new year resolutions! 

Simply living life in a positive way 
is for me
{for now} 
good enough….

I hope your week will be a good one, see you soon!


14 thoughts on “Be You(tiful)

  1. Debby

    That sounds good enough for me. Just do what you can and have no regrets. We will all still be here reading your lovely blog.
    Happy New Year.

  2. Laura

    My friend…you know that this exactly is what I need… Positivity and simple things and loving myself…
    You know, you truly know what I mean….
    Thank you for your friendship…You are simply precious to me!!

  3. Amanda (Small Acorns)

    Simple and positive – sounds just right to me Maureen. Happy New Year to you too, and looking forward to all your inspirations in 2012. Amanda xx
    P.S love the new blog header!

  4. It's me

    Bloggen moet leuk zijn en geen verplichting toch??…als je maar wel bij mij langs komt…hahahah!! grapje hoor!!..ik ben zo slecht soms…hihih!!..fijne zondag liefs van mij…en een heel goed en vooral gezond nieuwjaar !!…elke dag is de mooiste dag …xxx…

  5. Thisisme.

    Hi Maureen. Yes, I love the new blog header also. Keep it simple I say, in 2012, and, yes, we must ALL stay positive, and be content with what we have.


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