{miss Canon’s journey so far}

Freezing a moment in time, just like that.
I love it.
If you are new to my blog, you will probably not know who miss Canon is.
She is my new sidekick; I got her as a present for my birthday last October from Sweetheart.
My oh-so-wanted-for-years-DSLR camera.
And it was a girl, all the way from Canon Land…..
She came a bit earlier for my birthday then planned….
You see, for the past 3 years I was telling everyone who would listen (and who wouldn’t listen),
that I wanted to buy a new camera. You know, those fancy schmancy ones, shooting photo’s like they where made for NASA….
When we were living in Houston, I was always shooting with a very good film camera, which I still have, but film is hard to get by these days. Shooting with film was great, the element of surprise, I loved it, still do.
I learned how to use film in an Art school and how to develop it in the dark room, but I knew that I had to make my switch to digital some day. 
I still found them too expensive, so I bought a little digital handy dandy Sony camera instead, 
just for the time being. Well, my little one was doing pretty fine for 2,5 years but one day she just said grgrgrgrrrrrr….. and went silent…I was without any camera…..not good when you take daily pictures.
So when this happened, just days before we had to leave for our trip to Ibiza, Sweetheart gave me my present right then and there! So to say that I was pleasantly shocked is an understatement!
I looked at her for two days (peeking into the box, making sure she was ok) too afraid to really use her…
But after her first click in Ibiza (which sounded so soft) I was hooked!
I’m one happy girl! Thanks again Sweetheart, Love you!
The only tiny little problem with me is that
I don’t like to read manuals….
I started, but after page 5 or so I gave up.
So now I’m shooting left, right and centre, learning the hard way, while figuring out how she works at her best.
(I find lighting indoors a tricky one, so I might have to start reading that manual anyway….)
Want to have a look what I have been doing with her? 
Just scroll a bit down…

{my little but sweet Sony camera, used till the last day}

{my first paprika plant….I killed it accidentally…}
{Ibiza love}
{Ibiza love}
{our first winter fire & detail of a ribbon}
{two birthday girls in one week, two different cakes}
{my wooden heart stamp & mini pumpkins}
{Audrey, our guest dog last December & my in-laws Christmas tree in Amsterdam}
{our first big pack of snow, days before Christmas & our evening light in the garden}
{angel details on Christmas day, at my in-laws}
{2012: a little bit of Spring in the house & a detail of the lovely card my friend Jane sent me}
On another note, the Blog of the Week is back!
If you want, have a look on the right side, we are starting this new year with 
Nina from the lovely blog Stylizimo. Her style is truly inspiring to me,
I hope you will enjoy it too!
Enjoy the day/evening and I will see you soon!

10 thoughts on “{miss Canon’s journey so far}

  1. Beth

    Yay to you Maureen, who needs a manual?!
    Looks like you are doing a grand job without going further than page 5 I would say. I love the photo of the sea in Ibiza and the expression on the face of your guest dog the best.

  2. helen tilston

    Hello Maureen

    Congratulations on obtaining your dream camera. It is beautiful. I have my eye on one too. The dreaded manuals and I don’t get along either. Have you checked with your camera store, some individual stores give help (like Apple computer store). I love your images and the bougainvillia and shimmering water are spectacular.
    Continued success
    Helen xx

  3. Thisisme.

    This is so frustrating! I can’t leave comments on my laptop, bit I can using my iPhone! I had a Nikon digital slr for Christmas, but mine was the Nikon D3100. Aren’t we the lucky ones?! Your photos are stunning. I’m still learning with mine, but I love it when one thing is in focus , and the background is fuzzy! Happy snapping!

  4. Blondie's Journal

    I’m happy you are loving Miss Canon! You are taking some lovely pictures. I need a vacation so I can get a little practice with my new camera! Have fun!


  5. Comeca Jones

    I guess I talk about Shan too much she is my partner lol but thats ok I get that all the time.Thank you for the kind words about my dad. I love visiting your lil spot and I will be back.


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