Perfectly Imperfect

I don’t know why I named this post this way, it just came up in my head….

Do you have that too, that sometimes you just type away,
blissfully unaware where the words might lead to?

I have this a lot. In fact, I write 99% just the way I talk,
so if you are reading my posts, you know me pretty well.

I was reading my posts back from last year,
(I’m in the process of making photo books and a blog book, more about that later)
and I noticed that I didn’t remember some events that had happened.

I’m thankful that we had a healthy, good and positive year in 2011 and that we travelled so much.
It was good to see the daily life stuff I would otherwise have forgotten.

Someone commented once that my life seemed pretty perfect to her….

Believe me when I say, my life isn’t always happy dances and sunshine…
But I rather write more about the good things in life then about the sad things,
simply because it makes me smile to do so.
And the more you smile, the better you feel!

And my Focus has changed.
Remember, it’s my second favourite word, after Love and before Kindness.

Looking for positive things with more intent, that is what I try to do now for the last 2,5 years,
because the first two years when I moved to Switzerland I wasn’t positive at all….
If you would Google the words ‘not so happy’ you would find a picture of me staring at you…

But since that only drains energy, I started to focus again on the good things life gave me.
And by changing from the negative to the positive side of life, my thinking got clearer.
I felt more and more like my old self again.

Starting this little blog was one of my positive actions and I’m still very happy I did it!

It gives me positive energy to make my blog…
It makes me think about a whole lot of things, specially when I read that life is not so great for others…
In return it makes me humble and very grateful when I see how good life treats us…
And it reminds me that nothing is forever….

Life simply is not perfect all the time.

And I hope that, when my girls are older, and they would like to know what their mama was
doing and thinking ‘back in the days’ , this little corner of my mind can visualise that for them.

So yes….my name is Maureen and I’m Perfectly Imperfect….

Enjoy the day!


Oh, you see the photo on the top? 
I totally forgot to put it into my last post….
So, firework for kids and adults from last year,
which has nothing to do with this new post, but hé,
like I said….perfectly imperfect….. xx

11 thoughts on “Perfectly Imperfect

  1. It's me

    Heerlijk en post hoe je bent…een post naar mijn hart…gewoon jezelf zijn en je niet anders voordoen…daar hou ik van !! zo is het leven bedoeld volgens mij puur en eerlijk……ik heb ook een blogboek laten maken van mijn eerste blogjaar het tweede moet ik nog doen…….ik heb gewoon alles er in gelaten…behalve de commentaren…..anders zou ie eens zo dik worden……ik vertel er in mijn volgende post over…….heb hem al een paar maanden in huis hoor…hihi!!…fijne dag lieverd…xxx…

  2. Beth

    That’s how I tend to write a post too Maureen. I very rarely change anything once I’ve started typing. And yes, like you I will mainly focus on the positive things that are happening in my life.
    By the way, I have just received a birthday gift of all my blogs posts during the last year in a book. We must be thinking the same way!

  3. Laura

    I adore you, perfectly-imperfect Maureen..
    I adore the way you make me feel, the way you share your feelings…
    And I wanna thank you..

  4. flowers on my table

    What a lovely heart-warming post Maureen. I love the sounds of a blog book, what a lovely thing to give your children. Life is what you make it, isn’t it? Have a happy day! Love Linda x

  5. Loree

    I love the way you write – very spontaneous. Thanks for pointing out that my email does not work. I will try to change the settings – if I remember how :)

  6. karen - Simply Inspired

    i smiled at your post title… it is one of my favorite sayings… and i, too, have no idea where it came from, but it really does seem to fit and allows me to simply relax…
    thank you.

  7. Jill

    Maureen, I love the way you write your blog its like we are chatting over a cup of coffee. Have a great weekend.

  8. T's Daily Treasures

    Hey Maureen! I definitely like that your blog is you, friendly and welcoming, honest and without pretense. This post certainly speaks to me. Ironically, at lunch today, everyone was talking about the fact that I am “still” a vegetarian, like they all thought it was a phase I was going through or a fad. One friend said she felt like I had been evolving over the past many years, becoming more of myself, and becoming vegetarian was part of the journey. It is true that the year before I turned 40, I took control of my own health and happiness by changing my eating habits, getting in shape and being grateful and choosing happiness with each new day. Perfectly imperfect describes those bah humbug, blah moments we all have. But then we wear that smile and carry on and search for all that is good. Right! Wishing you a super-dee-duper day. Hugs, Tammy

  9. Happy Homemaker UK

    I’ve been working on having my blog bound as well. Are you using Blurb? I find it totally overwhelming. I’m wondering if you’ve found something better? We all have ups and downs, but it is more fun to journal the good as a keepsake of our journey.


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