Words to inspire

Good Tuesday everyone!

It’s late here, way past my bedtime,
so naturally I’m still strolling around the world wide web….

I have mentioned once before here that I’m a night owl,
the best idea’s come to me when it’s late,
don’t know why, I just function better I guess.

One of the things that I was thinking of,
is how much I like quotes.

I find them inspiring, motivational,
some make me laugh,
others nestle in my head for a long time,
making me re-think them over and over again…

So, before I go to bed,
here are two things that will hopefully kick start your day.

First, the photo above, from the Notebook Doodles, love her handwriting.

And second, a new Blog of the week!
It’s the inspiring blog of my dear friend Jane, living her life on Planet Baby in Tasmania,
one of my daily reads.

Ok, it’s really time for bed now……
adios amigos!


photo: the notebook doodles via pinterest

11 thoughts on “Words to inspire

  1. Beth

    You are a really late owl aren’t you Maureen? I find that I get a second burst of energy late at night too. It’s not very good for me as I have another two people in this house that are very early risers so we clash a bit.
    Anyhow, loving the quote and already a big fan of Jane’s blog.
    My day has just started so I’m away to make a coffee and catch up with my chores.

  2. Cozy Little House

    I really like your header and your font. And the way the words are aligned. Looks really pretty! Me, I’m a morning person. By evening, I’m fairly brainless!

  3. vintch

    LOVE jane! and LOVE you! so fun to see you guys on the same page:) hope you’ve had a fabulous, beautiful, blessed week, dear friend.

  4. maureen

    Hello there my dear Maureen, I’m a night owl also, and up past my bedtime visiting with friends via the WWW. Don’t you just love being able to do that?
    I love that quote, I may have to pin it!
    Have a lovely weekend.


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