A little girl’s view

Good Monday Morning!

After my post late last night, I woke up this morning with these words in my head,
life goes on….
So true isn’t?

We have a holiday week now, the girls have no school so pyjama mornings and doing whatever we feel like
is our theme this week. No travel plans this holiday, just enjoying some home time and warming up
inside because it’s still cold outside…. not so cold as last week but still cold.

Lately my youngest girl wants to use Miss Canon….

Her four year old hands try to hold on to this heavier camera,
but she managed and made some lovely photo’s.

She likes to look through the lens,
although in the beginning she was looking on the screen
and asking why the picture kept disappearing….

She and her sister are so aware of details,
I love that they are interested in photography and making movies.

Now hopefully the weather will warm up a bit more so we can take the camera outside,
have a good day!


9 thoughts on “A little girl’s view

  1. helen tilston

    A great post and lovely images. Your daughter has a keen eye and curious mind
    Hope you manage to bundle up and enjoy the weather. Returning home following a brisk walk is always refreshing.
    Happy St Valentine’s Day

    Helen xx

  2. Beth

    Yes Maureen, life certainly does go on especially when there are little children to entertain. Enjoy the precious pyjama mornings of school holidays.

  3. ivana

    enjoy your pyjama mornings… although I like to travel and wonder around I like just as much that kind of mornings!


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