{My Love for…} White

Hello Hello!
Yes, I’m still here….
No, I didn’t fall of the planet…
Yes, I started writing this post on Monday evening…
No, I couldn’t finish it, I had a puke filled evening, because my little girl was sick….
Yes, last week her big sister was sick too….
No, nothing scary, just Winter flues bugging our household….
Yes, the Internet connection died again on me Tuesday evening…
So now, Wednesday evening, I can resume this post….pfffff….
You know that little show I like to call Real Life? 
It has a way of coming in between me and my little blog here….
Anyhoo, I wanted to share some of my favourite thingy’s and thangy’s,
not sure if this is going to be a weekly item, let’s see how I feel about it next week, alright?
I hope you don’t come here to read continuous subjects…..You don’t? Good!
Because it aint’ gonna happen, sorry! I like to talk about this and that and everything in between….
Honestly, sometimes I don’t even know what I will write about, 
so if you still come here to read on a regular basis, I’m glad you still do, Thanks!
And to all of you who are new here, a warm Welcome! 
{Make your self at home, tea or coffee anyone?}
It’s hard to believe that February is already well on it’s way!
Some of you are enjoying life in the sunshine in lovely beach houses, even with occasional rainy days….
Well, I just want to say….it is soooo cold here! Minus twelve during the day (yep, you read it right….. -12!)
So to say I would LOVE to be there instead of here is a big understatement….. 
Oh, I can’t wait till Spring comes along, bringing heaps of warmth and sunny days!
Ok, enough blabbing away…
{My Love for….} is the title of one of my inspiration boards over at Pinterest (see link on the right).
I already talked about this great website and I know not everyone has either access to it or has the time to stroll around in Pinterest Land (you can get lost, believe me).
So with a link to one board you can have a quick look at some eye candy and hopefully get inspired.
Today’s link: My Love for White.
In our home I love using White, it’s like a blank canvas, you can decorate it with anything.
It’s free from colour…
Just a few words that popped into my head thinking of White. 
Recently I painted a dresser white (finally, after two years…Sweetheart was happy that he didn’t have to look at a half painted dresser anymore…I know….I’m terrible…). 
The photo above is a simple combination of my love for mixing and matching things.
You can see a small piece of the painted white dresser and I combined a white old wool sweater with our wooden & sign (that normally sits in our bedroom between our initials).
This is how I love to use White in our home too.
* A combination of different materials, all in different segments of White *
Just the way I like it.
Oh and before I go…
have you seen the new Blog of the week
It is the romantic blog of the lovely Laura from Ricevere con Stile.
Valentine’s day is not far away….have a look and be inspired by her loveliness.
Hope you will have a good day, 
see you soon!

11 thoughts on “{My Love for…} White

  1. Cozy Little House

    I come visit you because you are my bloggy friend! No matter what you have to talk about. I want to see what’s going on in your life. Will go visit this blog now.

  2. Blondie's Journal

    Sorry to hear you have some sick children. I hope they are well soon and that you don’t catch the bug. Brrrr…it sure is cold in your neighborhood! I hope spring arrives soon for you. It has been gloomy and cold here, but not below zero!

    Always good to hear from you….like me, you love to ramble. I know that’s a good thing! :)


  3. It's me

    Hoi Maureen…ik hoop dat iedereen weer gauw beter is daar….zo naar als kinderen ziek zijn……ik wens je een fijn weekend……en dat het maar gauw lente mag worden……brrrrr…..ik haat sneeuw en kou………tis zo glad ook nu overal…..liefs van mij…xxx..

  4. vintch

    ooh i just love white too. all the walls of my house are white, and some people may find it boring, but i just love the simplicity of it all…and the empty canvas it provides:) such a calming tone, too.

    and i know what you mean about real life. someone needs to tell it to bug off:)

  5. Jane

    Hello Gorgeous I’m happy to hear from you anytime. Yes, that old *real life* thing does get in the way of blogging, doesn’t it? Most impertinent of it! Hmm, I’m intrigued by your passion for white. At this stage in my life with the 3 pixies, it just screams “Watch me get dirty!”. Ask me in a few years’ time…J x

  6. Jill

    Hi Maureen,
    Hope your little ones are feeling better now, love reading your blog and you are right nothing better than white, but the odd bit of colour sometimes is great. Have a lovely weekend.

  7. T's Daily Treasures

    Hey Maureen, I hope everyone is on the mend over there. We’ve managed to stay clear of all the viruses that are making the rounds here too. Whenever it gets below 10 C here, we think we are freezing! No insulation in these concrete buildings, so sometimes being inside feels much colder than it does outdoors. I’ve had a quiet pajama weekend here. Hubby is away on a business trip to Sri Linka. Boo! Hiss! Back to school tomorrow. Take care! Best wishes, Tammy

  8. by kuzz

    Hoi Maureen!
    Ik kom hier ook weer eens langs! Lang geleden zeg. Alles goed daar, hopenlijk zijn jullie al weer een beetje opgeknapt! De afgelopen week was het hier ook super koud brrr….maar wel heel leuk, lekker schaatsen, die sfeer! Lekker warme choco of broodje worst…maar het zit er hier weer op, de dooi zet vandaag door!
    Wat een prachtige header foto!! Oooohh..die is echt mooi die stempel!
    Lieve groet, Erna
    (with love, nee ik heb helaas geen blog meer…maar af en toe doe ik een rondje blogland)


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