{cold mama ramblings}

first of all, the photo you are about to see under these words, has absolutely nothing to do with this post…
i just want a snack and these where the yummy cupcakes our youngest girl made with her daddy
two weeks ago, so instead of snacking i will look at this picture and be a good girl….. {or not…..}
and i didn’t bother to line it straight, i just plastered it in, but my excuse is that it’s getting late here,
so i better move on to the subject i wanted to talk about.
tonight is again a time that i have to whisper my words…
i did it also in this post last year.
when it’s late, i don’t want to use capital letters because it ‘sounds’ quieter this way…
yep, i know…. crazy huh? welcome to my world…. 
you see, it’s ten forty five pm 
{well right now it’s almost eleven thirty….i was distracted making tea and i started to make bread in the bread machine, all while typing this post…..honestly, me and my brain….}
you didn’t know i could make bread in a fancy machine did you? well, i do and i love it,
yep, at least there is something i can do well in the kitchen… 
for the people who are new here,
you can read 
anyhoo….. where was i? oh yes…  i don’t want to wake the girls up,
or sweetheart, who is laying on the sofa supposedly watching soccer….
mmmmh, somehow i don’t think that he sees much with his eyes closed….
anyway, i’m almost on my way to bed too but i remembered something my oldest girl
sent me this week by email… she really made me laugh out loud, so naturally i had to share this.
you see, the thing with me is that i always (and i mean always) will say that i’m cold.
people who know me in real life will nod there head in agreement.
i literally wear scarves about eighty five percent of the year {not only outside} but inside the house too….
only when it’s above twenty five degrees, with no wind, i might separate myself from my scarves
but otherwise you will pretty much see me wearing one….
or there is one in my bag, just in case… {i’m also a big ‘just in case’ girl…can’t help it…you never know, right?}
at this very moment, i’m wearing four layers of clothes, including two cardigans, pants, socks and slippers and
of course a scarf…. (soft pastel pink with grey dots, if you wanted to know).
my point is (and there is a point to this story), because i’m always cold,
i bug my girls to wear more layers too….
luckily they have a gene from their father, who hardly feels cold, because most of the time they are nicely
warm…. so it’s just me walking around the house looking like an igloo woman while they are wearing
short sleeves and walking around with bare feet…..
so to come back to that email…..
when i opened it and saw the picture below, i had to laugh really hard…
{picture source here}
her email title was this: “this is so true!”
what can i say? in my defence, i think that there are more mothers like me otherwise someone would not
make this, right?
okay, time for bed…. stay warm, sleep tight and i will catch you hopefully tomorrow,
night night….
Maureen xx
{oh ships, one capital letter slipped out…. not that it woke sweetheart up…better get him moving… bye now!}
* photo: by kuzz. the cook heart is made by Erna, who sadly doesn’t have a blog anymore, but if you want to buy her beautiful handmade hearts you can visit her Dutch website, just click here
{honestly, i don’t believe this… it’s already a new day….sigh….
better hit that publish button before i’m sitting here all night…..}

9 thoughts on “{cold mama ramblings}

  1. Cozy Little House

    A late-night girl that bakes bread. Wish I was there with you. But I’m an early to bed girl myself. Always liked the silence of the house after everyone else was slumbering though. Such a peaceful time for mom.

  2. Blondie's Journal

    You are a funny sweet girl! I am always hot…can we say the M word??! Even now, in the winter, 38 degrees, I have the front door open!! It’s always nice to do your own thing when everyone else is sleeping! :)


  3. Amanda (Small Acorns)

    Oh that is classic Maureen. How cute and funny! If it makes you feel any better, I’m the only one in our family to feel the cold too. My husband is always turning the heater down or off and I swear as soon as the temperature drops even half a degree, I can tell, and I’m turning it back up again, and adding another layer of clothes! Soon be summer over your way.
    Amanda x

  4. It's me

    Wat een leuke post…ik heb een brede glimlach op mijn gezicht …hihihi!!…ja jammer dat Erna geen blog meer heeft…haar hartjes zijn echt mooi !!….fijne dag !!…liefs Ria…xxx..

  5. Kom Achterom

    Leuke post! Doet me aan mijzelf denken! niet dat ik koud ben integendeel mijn moeder is het altijd en nog steeds zegt ze kind heb je wel genoeg aan! wahahahah gaat dus nooit over blijkbaar.
    fijn weekend

  6. Thisisme.

    Your post did make me smile!! Bet that bread was delicious. Mmmm! Those cupcakes look so yummy too. They did really well with them. I love it that you type in little letters, because it’s quieter!! Hee Hee! I’m like you, and always seem to be cold. It’s surprising how cosy wearing a scarf can make you feel. I have been without an internet connection for 7 weeks, so it is so lovely to be back with you all. Hugs.

  7. ivana

    good strategy- looking at the cupcakes… think I should practise it!!! Reading this and the previous post make me think: how happy we are to have sleeping souls next to us, a husbands trynig to watch tv,special moments in every day life, some unique on line connection that leads us straight into one’s homes and hearts!

    wishing you happy weekend

  8. Bluebells and Lavender

    Hi Maureen, I follow your blog and I found this post really funny, I too am cold and only take off the layers if it hits 20C and upwards! I am constantly telling my girls and my son to put on more clothing…but they don’t feel the cold like me…they have also inherited different genes! Have a lovely week. Hopefully it will warm up soon! Sharon


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