Home Tours – Martha Stewart

Wanna have a lookie-look-sneak-peek-lurking in other people’s homes?

A page filled with links, taking you to snoop around some lovely homes!

Click HERE and it will take you to Martha Stewart – Home Tours page.

If you don’t know who Martha is, have a look at her About page.

Hope you will enjoy it!

Also, there is a new Blog of the Week.
This time it’s Paula’s (Mrs. Sutton) blog, The Hill House Diaries.
Paula just started blogging again after a blog break, about her (new) life in the English country side.
Hope you will have a look at her gorgeous house and to say Hi,
because I know how welcoming you all are!

I’m off enjoying some sunshine,
have a good weekend!


* all photo’s copyright Martha Stewart.com *

4 thoughts on “Home Tours – Martha Stewart

  1. Mrs. Sutton

    Thank you SO much Maureen for making me your ‘Blog of The Week’ – I am truly honoured! What a wonderful way to return back to the blogging community – and from such a stylish blog as yours too. You’ve put a huge smile on my face, AND the sun is shining – what a perfect start to the weekend – Thank you and have a wonderful one too! xxx

  2. Thisisme.

    Hi Maureen. I think we all like taking a peek inside other peoples’ houses, so this post was a good one! We are enjoying the sunshine over here as well at the moment :)


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