Old school travelling

Believe it or not, but this photo is a page of our navigation system….
Yep! Our old ‘Best Book of the Road‘ (that is the real name) is what we use to navigate ourselves 
around Europe when we are travelling by car. It’s full of fold out maps and we love using it.
Old School all the way baby!
We just love using maps to get around. And when in a new city, what’s better than a map? 
I mean, even Dora the Explorer can’t go anywhere without her trusty friend Map….
I love actually reading the signs on the road. Connecting them with the lines on the map.
I really do love reading the lines on the map, big or small, they are all directing us to our 
point of destination.
Even on a daily basis to find a nearby town or an unknown street, I use a map. 
My handy dandy Street Book. You need a street, it’s right there, waiting for me to find it.
A map doesn’t let me down and better yet, it doesn’t talk to me…
You see, navigation systems use The Voice Lady….. 
She comes in many accents and I truly find her annoying.
Because when I do decide to use a navigation system, for instance in a rental car, 
I always  have a discussion with The Voice Lady….. 
(“which exit? this one? Oh crap! Just great! They changed the roads! You didn’t know this?! 
Stupid beepbeepbeeeeep!!”) 
Honestly, it’s better for my health and sanity if I just use a map…. 
Some good old fashion common sense, sprinkled with a bit of adventure, I tell you…. 
it’s a great way to travel or to just find your way around town! 
And yes, it might cause some discussions with your other half…. 
he: “wasn’t that our turn?”
me: “eh….. oops!”
he: “you’re not paying attention! give me that map!”
I know…. never a dull moment if you use the combination Maureen and a map….
Although sometimes we do use The Voice Lady. 
Last year, when we went to the UK in December we did use her service.
We were so limited on time, we wanted to get from A to B quickly (his words). 
But most of the time, you will see me with a book on my lap, actually reading the road signs 
and enjoying the journey, because that’s what it’s all about, enjoying the journey.
And I know we are in the minority here, travelling without a navigation system is 
for a lot of people unthinkable. 
It’s just that I like a bit of adventure, getting lost and finding something else instead.
Many times we have found a lovely hotel or another great beach and we were happy we’ve got lost. 
Although if you ask Sweetheart about the getting lost part, he probably will say something different…… 
He can’t help himself, he is a man and they like to get somewhere quick I suppose….
We are about to go on another travel journey this week, not by car, so I better get going and 
find myself a map of the town, because this country isn’t in Europe….
See you soon!

12 thoughts on “Old school travelling

  1. Maaike

    Enjoy the travels! En wat de kaart betreft: zo hebben wij ook onze nieuwe woonomgeving leren kennen, de beste manier vind ik. En heerlijk, dat navigeren, ik beleef er echt plezier aan!

    Happy holidays,
    liefs Maaike

  2. Jane

    Oh Gorgeous, you know how much this post resonates with me, you fellow cartophile! Enjoy your sojourn ☺. J x

  3. LindyLouMac in Italy

    Enjoy your travels, great post. We have always been great believers in maps until while on our last trip to the UK and some unknown destinations ahead of us, we decide to succumb to a Tom Tom. To our surprise we are actually enjoying the novelty and I am delighted not to have to try and read a map while in motion!

  4. About Last Weekend

    Hi nice to meet you. Jody here, came through Kasey Buick, I ‘m a huge fan of maps, though I can never ever follow them (and neither can my husband) All part of the chaos of our lives. Enjoy your trip!

  5. ramblinbess

    You know, real maps are great for planning trips too. You just can’t see everything the way you need to using Google Maps, MapQuest, etc. I do like a navigation system, but I think it works best when you use it together with a map. Plus they’re pretty.

  6. Mrs. Sutton

    Do you know, much to my 10 year old sons’ disgust, neither my husband nor I have EVER had a navigation system either! We have always relied on good old fashioned maps, and to be honest – I can’t see that changing anytime soon. I like to actually ‘see’ where I’m going with the good old fashioned finger on paper technique – and it’s taken me through Europe and parts of America. My son thinks that I was created with the Dinosaurs!

  7. T's Daily Treasures

    I am so bad at reading maps. I usually do Yahoo directions when I am travelling in the States. A couple of years ago when visiting with friends in Qatar, we used the voice to try and get some place and she kept taking us around the block and to places where there was nothing. It drove us crazy! Hope to see you soon! Tammy

  8. Beth

    I love maps too, but when I’m travelling alone the sat nav voice is so much easier.
    When I went to visit my parents last I had to laugh as they had the sat nav going and my mum had the map on her lap repeating and sometimes disagreeing with the voice! It was a recipe for many a fall out!

  9. pembrokeshire lass

    Hi Maureen, I love maps too. I am taking my mother up to Scotalnd at the end of the month to see her latest great grandchild and maps will be our only way of getting there and exploring. Not sure how I got here with you…..but will become a member so I can follow you again!! Joan

  10. Zane Wooder

    Most guys hate maps but I love them. If it wasn’t for maps I’d get lost in my own house. All joking aside sometimes guys need to stop pretending to be super memory men and just read the map.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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