Start of Spring

Sunny days are here again!
Hope you can enjoy some 
new buds, 
birds singing 
and sunshine too!
Today the new Blog of the Week is one of my daily reads.
It’s the sweet A-M from Down Under. She writes from the heart about
home designs and her life with her gorgeous two boys. 
Many of you will know her, but if you don’t, hop and skip to her blog
See you soon,

12 thoughts on “Start of Spring

  1. Jane

    Hello Gorgeous What a brilliant choice. A-M is such a genuinely warm and caring person. I’m pleased to call her my friend. J x

  2. Thisisme.

    Hi Maureen. Isn’t it wonderful to see signs of spring all around us once again. I just love spring when everything is so new and fresh once again, and we have hopes of a wonderful summer in front of us!

  3. Jill

    I will definitely be taking a look at AMs blog. Isn’t it lovely when the sun shines, everything looks so different, and has an air of anticipation of things to come.
    Have a lovely week.

  4. Melissa

    Spring loving to you my sweet so far away friend…gals are on FB together and it makes my heart smile…

    Huge huge hugs and love Melissa xx

  5. T's Daily Treasures

    I swear, you are a hoot. I just read your last several posts. Man has this week been busy and gone by so fast. Thank goodness for weekends. We have dust, dust, dust. Ugh! And yes, Dubai gets dust too. But our weather doesn’t predict or forecast what is going on over there. Dubai is also much more humid. We were there one summer and every time we walked outside, we were completely drenched. When are you heading there? Hubby has talked about going one weekend since a friend of ours is leaving and going back to Japan next month. We were hoping to get over there to see him before he leaves.

    I’m usually cold, wearing socks and layers, but my kids never think it is cold. Of course, now it is already starting to get warm. Even 70 feels much hotter here because there’s no grass and trees to buffer the sun and heat.

    You know when you say things out loud or put them out into the world, they have every chance of coming true. I see chickens in your future. ha!

    Hope your week is great. Hugs and blessings, Tammy

  6. Happy Homemaker UK

    Aren’t you just eating it up?! I am!! This latitude sure is dark in the wintertime, so I am lapping up the sunshine now, baby!! Love your blog recco – I think I’ve been a follower for a while :) XOL

  7. Mrs. Sutton

    Oh i LOVE Springtime – haven’t had such a permanent grin on my face for ages. Love your blog – will also check out AM – thanks for the tip.


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