{to follow or not to follow…} & {chicken love}

It’s Sunday, not my usual day to make a new post,
but  I had this on my mind for a while now…

The people who have a blog probably already know this.

The Google Friend Connect function, on the right side of my blog,
under WELCOME BLOG FRIENDS, has stopped working for non-Google bloggers,
people who use blogs with WordPress and Typepad. This GFC button is the one you use
when you want to follow a blog on Blogger, which belongs to Google.

For the time being the button will be here I think, but in the future the GFC button
will disappear and Google wants us to use Google + more.

Now, this is not my intention to tell you what to do or what is the best way to follow
mine or anybody else’s blog, I just want you to know what the options are
to follow Daydream Living, in case the button disappears all together or you can’t find me
anymore in your blogroll.


You can follow Daydream Living with Bloglovin, just click on the link on the right side.
I really like the way you can see the blogs here. The pictures are big and it reads comfortable,
and it’s easy to use. I really hope more people will use this site; if you want sign up, it’s free and it is,
in my opinion, a great way to follow blogs.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin
Follow Daydream Living


I have a link to receive my posts by email. I can’t see who you are, or what your email is,
I only see the number of email accounts following my blog.
This is a simple way of following if you don’t have a blog yourself, it will appear in your mailbox,
you don’t have to do anything other than putting your email address in the box on the right side.



This is a new way of following Daydream Living. This site is made possible by Brent Riggs,
the man who also makes Linky Tools, which many blogs use for blog parties.
You can subscribe your blog for free too and start following the blogs who also are with Linky.
To read more about how you can use Linky, Anne (who makes lovely photo’s) from the
blog Fiona and Twig has made a post about Linky, click here to read it.

8 friends are following me!
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Okay, hope this was informative enough.

Let’s end with something pretty to look at…..

Yep, this is my newest love since some time….. having a couple of chickens!

The city girl within me is changing a bit into a country girl.
But we can’t have chickens here in this apartment, so I need to wait until we ever move again
to a place where I can have a couple of girls.
{Hopefully sweetheart doesn’t read this post, he probably thinks this is a silly wish that will never happen….
ssssh, don’t tell him…..}

I’m already doing my research into back yard chickens.

This photo I took in 2010, even back then I was oohing and aaahing over chickens and roosters….
Although the rooster is out of the question, love the sound once but not the whole day…..
Anyway, I need to be patient…..sigh…..

In the mean time, I started reading blogs about chickens, like this great one from Melissa, Tilly’s Nest.
I simply love her blog. Very informative and it made me even want them more…

I’m also dreaming of a garden big enough to have my own coop….

Like the one Tiffany has. Now she has one heck of a fancy coop for her hens!
Her blog The Fancy Farm Girl is not only about chickens, she is a great photographer too
and I really like her style. Want to see her fancy coop? click here.

So, it’s time to Love You and Leave You my friends,
I have many blogs to visit!

Enjoy this Sunday!


5 thoughts on “{to follow or not to follow…} & {chicken love}

  1. LindyLouMac in Italy

    OK I have taken note, you can find me on Blog lovin and linky as well if you feel so inclined!

    We used to keep chickens in a previous life, it was fun when the girls were little.

  2. It's me

    Ik zet zulke blogs gewoon bij mijn favorieten…ik snap niks van dat linky gedoe echt niet ook daar moet je je aanmelden daar hou ik nooit zo van…fijne zondag meis……liefs van mij…xxx..

  3. Draffin Bears

    Hi Maureen,

    Thanks Maureen for sharing this, I need to get these links for followers on my blog also.
    Aren’t chickens fabulous, growing up we always had chickens, and they are lovely and getting fresh eggs every day was such a neat thing.

    Happy Sunday

  4. Loree

    Google is becoming a pain. I am still upset that they are closing down Picnik and this latest one about GFC is a bit too much.

  5. Yvonne

    Dear Maureen, I´m so glad about your comment :-)!
    There are so many options for following.
    I’ve also been thinking about google +


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