{a mini post}

Thanks everyone for all the great comments on my last (long) post.
Some of you really make me laugh!
As for writing my own book, well…. never say never….
Today’s post is going to be a mini one, 
because after some cold and rainy weeks, the sun finally showed up here, 
so I’m taking full advantage of it while it last.

This afternoon I’ll be walking around the petting zoo with my little girl and her friend,
soaking up some much needed sunshine.

In case you are wondering if these are photo’s taken of the Swiss scenery,
while I’m driving my car on the motorway last weekend… well, yes they are…

(if the police asks, it wasn’t me…. just saying….)

Enjoy your weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by!

See you soon,


11 thoughts on “{a mini post}

  1. Jane and Lance Hattatt

    Hello Maureen:
    It is a long holiday weekend here and so we too shall be making the most of the good weather to get out and about.

    We hope that you have a lovely time at the zoo!

  2. Kom Achterom

    OOh dat ziet er heerlijk uit!! hier ook heerlijk zon maar ik muts zit te wachten op de GEAS Waaah hoe bedenken ze het onderhoud van de ketel!
    Ik wil ook in die auto!!!!! en dan ook van die prachtige besneeuwde bergen oké dat gaat niet lukken maar heerlijk boslucht opsnuiven wordt ik ook vrolijk van!
    fijne dagen

  3. LindyLouMac in Italy

    We had our first day of real warmth here yesterday as well, very welcome. I am not around much at the moment either as having persisent computer problems and busy in real life. Have a good weekend.

  4. Tammy@T's Daily Treasures

    Hi again! Hope your sunshine has continued and that you are enjoying a great weekend. We have dust, yet again. It’s high up in the sky, but makes everything rather drab, dreary. Bleh! It was back to school for us today. And so another week begins. Best wishes, Tammy


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