A touch of Dutch

Good Monday Morning!
Spring break is over for us, so this morning it was back to the normal school and work routine. 
The last couple of days, we had family over from Holland. They left this morning and even
after 4,5 years of saying goodbye it still feels strange to stay behind. 
They came with some lovely Dutch gifts so naturally we all were smiling! 
We love Dutch Cheese and the “Hagelslag” (chocolate sprinkles) is a favourite with the girls. 
Combined with some fresh Swiss bread and strawberries our Saturday breakfast was yummy! 
The yellow Dutch tulips were a super sweet gift from my mother in law, she knows how I love flowers
(remember this photo?).
I also got my two favourite Dutch magazines, (I still have my subscriptions) VT Wonen and 
Ariadne At Home. Do you want to have a look at their websites? Click {here} and {here}
Even if you don’t know how to read Dutch, the beautiful photo’s will give you some great inspiration!
Speaking of great inspiration, have you seen the new Blog of the Week?
This time it’s Mary from Urban Farmgirl. I really like her style, her kind spirit, 
her love for vintage and she can transforme furniture back into beautiful pieces. 
So if you want, hop and skip over to Urban Farmgirl, one of my daily reads.
See you soon!

16 thoughts on “A touch of Dutch

  1. Jane

    Ooh Sweetheart, no wonder you’re so chuffed with your goodies! I would be, too. My 3 Australian magazine subscriptions have all arrived this week so we’re both enjoying some pretty reading ☺. J x

  2. Jill

    Hi Maureen,
    Isn’t it lovely to receive gifts that remind you of home. The magazines look so interesting that I am off to the website now! I love magazines!!
    have a lovely week.

  3. pembrokeshire lass

    I think I might invite myself to breakfast!! Looks lovely! It must be hard saying good bye no matter how long you have been doing it! I really think you need ‘time out’ now to enjoy reading your books. You can always say “Joan said…” that’s what my kids always said “Mummy says…”
    Love Joan

  4. It's me

    Heerlijk zo’n Hollands ontbijtje…en jammer dat ze weer weg zijn…..geniet van je magazines…liefs van mij….xxx..

  5. Mrs. Sutton

    Mmmmm – your breakfast sounds yummy! Yes, there is always a twinge of sadness when friends leave, or when the holidays are over, but what a wonderful way to see you through it – two fabulous magazines and a lovely bunch of flowers – perfect!

  6. Thisisme.

    I adore tulips, and your little photo vignette looks very pretty. It’s back to normal for you now then! Lovely to see you here today.

  7. Loree

    Lovely gifts. The tulips are beautiful. I tried to grow tulips once but I do not think they can grow in our weather. It is too dry.

  8. flowers on my table

    Hi Maureen, breakfast looks very inviting, especially with those pretty tulips on the table. Thanks for the links to the Dutch magazines, I enjoyed those. I also enjoyed Urban Farmgirl’s blog. Have a great week, love Linda x

  9. Tammy@T's Daily Treasures

    Breakfast looks delicious! So glad you had a lovely visit with family. Always hard to get back to normal after a wonderful holiday. Heck, sometimes it’s even hard after a weekend. Ha! Have a great week. Tammy

  10. audrey and addison

    Hi Maureen – I’ve just come across your wonderful blog!
    Hagelslag! I haven’t heard that word for years! The Dutch do breakfast so differently than we do here in Australia. You’ve just reminded me of all the memories I have growing up eating Hagelslag with my Oma and Opa who moved from Holland to Australia in the 40s.
    Michelle xx

  11. ivana

    The table set and the tulips bring the most beautiful sight on a rainy day. Holidays are special just because they are not every day. I love how you manage through every single day, every regular or exceptional thing that you come up to…

  12. Kom Achterom

    Ha Maureen!
    Wat een heerlijk ontbijt zeg! en wat een stapel! waahhh daar kun je je echt mee vermaken de komende tijd! Ik kan me voorstellen dat het weer even slikken is als ze weer weg gaan.
    Voelt heerlijk met je familie lekker om je heen.
    Marline zit momenteel in Zweden met haar opleiding bos en natuurbeheer en is daar met een groot project bezig in een vakantiepark. Zo leuk om haar te volgen in haar avontuur alhoewel ze vannacht in het ziekenhuis zat met een notenallergie. Er zat pindakaas in de botervloot en het ging dus behoorlijk mis! 70 km gereden in de ambulance naar het ziekenhuis! Nu gaat het goed gelukkig en is weer terug! Manneman en dan zit je hier maar te kijken! maar goed onze muts wil dus weer alles beleven! ihihihi inclusief Zweeds ziekenhuis.
    Nou wel weer lang genoeg zo hé ga maar even ramen lappen is wel nodig hoor hier!
    Toedeloetjes de groetjes uit Twente


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