Goodbye Picnik ~ Hello Picmonkey!

If you, like me, were using the wonderful handy dandy photo editing site Picnik,
you will know that today is their last day.

I always was very happy using Picnik, it was easy and lots of options were free.
Now they are joining the Google family and closing down the site.

Fortunately for us, some of their engineers started another photo editing site named Picmonkey
and I’m already loving it!

Dare I say that I love it as much as Picnik? Well yes I do!

Let me tell you, I was smiling Big Time when I first went to their site.

It’s really easy to use, no registration and they made more options.
Just click on ‘edit your photo’ and your photo’s appear from your computer.
Choose one and start editing away. The only thing missing is the collage option,
but they are working on it. So far it looks great.

To give you an example of what you can do in Picmonkey, have a look at these photo’s
of my little girls’ sandals laying in the Dubai dessert. It was taken by sunset.

The first photo has nothing done to it colour wise, I only added the text.
The others are an example of what you can do with editing borders or colours.

So, if you haven’t tried Picmonkey yet, go ahead and give it a go!


By the way, this is my 200th post!
Can you believe it? 

Thanks so much for coming here and reading along!
And a warm Welcome to my new readers!

See you soon!


18 thoughts on “Goodbye Picnik ~ Hello Picmonkey!

  1. Jane

    Woo hoo! 200 is a huge achievement, Sweets. Bravo. And yep, I’m aboard with Picmonkey as well. I just wish it worked together with Flickr, like Picnik did. They’ve gone for Aviary which it way too complicated for me. J x

  2. Sherri B.

    Thank you so much for this info…Off I go to check it out, I can always use more help with my photos! – Yea for #200! xo

  3. helen tilston

    Hello Maureen

    Congratulations on your anniversary. Thanks for this post and I shall visit pickmonkey.
    My best and wishing you success in abundance

  4. michele

    let it be known you are an angel from heaven. i am mourning the loss of picnik (i relied on that picnik!) and now i have a place to go.

    smiles to you, lovely blogger!


  5. Thisisme.

    Hi Maureen. That site sounds great and if it’s easy to use, so much the better. I have been using PhotoScape since I heard Picnik was closing down, but I’m going to head right over and download Pic monkey right now! Thanks for the recommendation my friend.

  6. Blondie's Journal

    I have been hearing great things about Pikmonkey! Your pictures look fabulous! I have never used a photo editing site, but it looks like fun! Thanks for your review! :)


  7. Francesca Muir

    Thanks for the tip Maureen and congratulations on your 200th post. Great posts every time. Will try Pikmonkey as I love what you have achieved. F x

  8. LindyLouMac in Italy

    Farewell Picnik, I can also recommend iPiccy which has the collage option and very similar to Picnik and Pikmonkey, which I have also been using.

    Great compostion of your daughters sandals.

  9. Tammy@T's Daily Treasures

    You can also download Photoscape to your computer — it has great collage options, except there isn’t one for only two photos. :/ Hope all is well and that you have better weekend weather. We have dust, as usual. Hugs to all of you, Tammy

  10. Dagmar

    Hi Maureen,
    I came over from Tammy’s blog and enjoyed your posts..Love your photographs, wonderful way to see
    What creative people are doing out here in bogland! Will come back and check again..BTW..I am Swiss born, but moved ith my family to Canada many many years ago..Hoping you will have a great weekend…

  11. Maxabella

    I’m glad Picmonkey is easing the loss of Picnik. We need something! I miss the collages most! Wah!

    Congrats on 200 posts, Maureen. x

  12. Monkey

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