{My Love for….} ~ Lilac

When I saw this beautiful lilac Amethyst golden necklace,
it reminded me of my sweet grandma.

She was more like a mother to me and my brothers, since she lived with us most of the time
when we grew up. She was 85 when she passed away and today would have been her 90th birthday.

Lilac was her favourite colour and on the day we had her funeral, all the family was wearing
lilac clothes and all the guests wore bright colourful clothing. It was what she wanted.
Instead of mourning her in dark clothes, we celebrated her life in her favourite colour.

So every time I see lilac, I smile inside and think of her.

It will always be a special colour to me…


Do you have that too? A colour reminding you of someone special?

Hope your day will be a good one,
see you soon!


photo: Etsy store Friedasophie

14 thoughts on “{My Love for….} ~ Lilac

  1. Thisisme.

    Hi Maureen. Lilac is such a lovely colour, and certainly one of my favourites. It’s wonderful that you have remembered your sweet grandma on this special day, which would have been her 90th birthday. Those that we have loved, live on in our hearts, don’t they? Sending hugs your way.

  2. ivana

    Of course, a color, smell, sight… sometimes even a movement of grass, air reminds me of something! This is a world I love to live in: full of symbols, meanigs and reminiscence

  3. Kom Achterom

    OOh Maureen wat mooi! Het is een prachtig collier zeg! Wat bijzonder was het afscheid van haar.
    Dat ze bij jullie gewoond heeft schept wel een heel hechte band.
    Oma’s ze zijn en blijven bijzonder in ons leven.
    Dikke knuf

  4. Jane

    Oh Gorgeous, what a sweet story. Colours can evoke such strong emotions and memories, can’t they? So is lilac your favourite colour? J x

  5. Urban Farmgirl

    Maureen, I {LOVE} lilac, too! I am thinking of doing a little switch-a-roo in my guest room with a pale gray/lilac scheme. It is just such an understated, and gorgeous shade…reminds me of summer!


  6. Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder

    Dearest Maureen,

    We often do associate our loved ones with colors or favorite dishes they loved to eat. That is something from the heart, we show that we care for them and recognize them by what they are. They pass things on to us and it stays with us forever…
    Sweet of you for thinking so fondly of her after her passing five years ago. Birthdays are always special and we continue to keep them deep inside our hearts.
    Love to you,


  7. maureen

    While it’s not my favorite color, my Mother loved violet. Her china pattern was white with violet flowers on it. Whenever I see violets, I always think of my Mother. And it’s a sweet way to remember her.

  8. Birdie

    dulce maria tu ers mi fn mumro 1 yy te quiero desir que eres la persona mas linda del mundo y que tu novio estas super mega guapo etrres unica no hay nada coaarmpdo a tip y aki solo importa tu felicidad


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