* story * time in my head

when many thoughts are flowing around in my mind,

it’s hard to concentrate on a single one…
All these thoughts
are competing for my attention,
making my mind spin…
my life as an expat girl feels like being in a grand roller coaster,
going up and down, making loop after loop…

All these loops, and they were more than I had ever expected,
can make you feel dizzy, so the trick is to hold on tight to your loved ones,
and don’t look down…

Remember a year ago,
when I talked a little about being an expat girl?
(If you’ve missed it, click {here} to read).
I know some of you want me to write more
about my expat lifestyle, either here or as a book…

I can see the head line already…
‘Life of an expat girl; vacuum today or vacuum tomorrow?’

Nah, just kidding…

when the loops are not that many
and the roller coaster only makes turns instead of loops,
maybe than will be a good time to talk some more
about my personal views of expat living…

Because, as we all know,
every story has two three sides to it…

the good, the bad and the ugly…

So with my head full with swirling and dancing thoughts,
I will kiss you all good night.

It’s time for this expat girl to get some sleep…

See you soon,


9 thoughts on “* story * time in my head

  1. maureen at Cottage 960

    I have that same feeling many days. So many ideas swirling around in my head. Perhaps not for the same reason as you, but I think understand the feeling. I was thinking tonight I should step away from the computer and pick up my notebook and get as many ideas on paper as possible. A sort of ‘brain dump’ in hopes that it clears my head a bit. Mostly I feel lucky to have so much going on, so many things I want to do, see, accomplish, experience.
    sweet dreams

  2. Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder

    Dearest Maureen,

    This text is hard to imagine for all those that never lived in a different culture, different area, different language, different food, etc. etc.
    I know what you are talking about! At times we look for the button to push for shooting ourselves out of a situation, to a quiet spot for some real relaxing. Escaping the roller coaster.
    Love to you,


  3. pembrokeshire lass

    Hi, thanks for this and also your headline ‘you are in charge of your own story’ very thought provoking! I was going to write more on that but have decided not to. I can so easily put my counsellor’s hat on. I understand that your head is spinning…there seem to be so many demands on our time don’t there….. I suppose also extra when you are not even in your own country. Hang on in there!! I think your thought of focussing on your family is a good one….just like ballerinas focus on a point so that they don’t get dizzy when they are spinning…..you can see the thoughts that are now whizzing round my head? Thanks for sharing . Joan

  4. Thisisme.

    Joan has given some good advice there! There are so many demands on our time these days (blogging being one of them, of course!!). You’re right to just try to focus and concentrate on those you love, and hopefully the spinning will not be so intense! We love you! Hugs x

  5. Caroline

    This is beautifully written. I will have to go a read your post from a year ago. I was an expat at one time in my life…not always easy!

  6. Yvonne

    Dear Maureen,
    beautiful words!!!!
    It´s pity, that you can´t come to berlin, but I hope I can meet you elsewhere :-)!
    Wish you a nice day,


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