For the love of lists ~ swirling thoughts

* it’s funny how you can dream,
and than wake up one morning
to see it is becoming
a reality…

even though it’s not at all in the 
country you had dreamt about,
it’s still a life near the sea…
* making a move to a different country,
even for the 3rd time, 
does not make it easier
or less stressful…

* moving a family to yet another house, 
for the 8th time,
is tiring and exciting 
at the same time…
* saying goodbye to family and friends
time after time,
is pulling the heart strings
every single time…
* hoping that what we have decided
will be a good choice for us all…
* facing fear and uncertainty 
and making a new start in your life,
takes courage and a whole lot of
love for each other…
* going through a mountain of paperwork,
in 4 different countries,
at the same time,
isn’t funny or relaxing…
* checking things off the 
ever getting longer to-do lists
makes me smile for a moment…
* knowing that it will all be worth it,
in the end,
gives me strength…
* planning for a goodbye dinner
in another country with your loved ones,
is great and gives me another smile,
a big one…
* thinking about the friends I’ve made in Blog Land,
will they still be here
when I have more time
to share our life with them…
* keep dreaming a dream
and keep believing in yourself…
that’s what I tell myself daily.
* After I’ve said grace and thanks 
for this pretty amazing new lifestyle
we are about to dive into…
Do you do that too,
making a list of your swirling thoughts?

For me,

it helps to make lists,

not only practical ones, but also 
to put these dancing thoughts
into order.
It also helps me
not to forget,
to enjoy this part of our lives more.
Even though it’s full with scheduling and stressful
moments, it’s also filled with special and great memories!

Thank you for the sweet responses to our upcoming move.
If you have more questions, just ask away.
I will come back in another post with answers to your questions.
Hope you will have a good day!

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7 thoughts on “For the love of lists ~ swirling thoughts

  1. Sherri B.

    It sounds exciting but I can understand that it might be bitter sweet too.

    We will be here waiting for you to get all settled and will look forward to your good report on the move! xo

  2. flowersandhome

    Ah lists! Who doesn’t need them. But your list is a very special one! What an adventure!!!!
    I hadn’t seen your last post, so I just read it now. Dubai, deserts and camels, wow.
    I can only see the exciting part about it all but I do realize there’s much more to it.
    I wish you the very, very best on this new adventure and I’m looking forward to future posts
    giving us a peek into your new life.

  3. Jane

    Oh Sweetheart. You have so much on your mind right now. Best of luck with the move. And I’m not going anywhere! J x

  4. vintch

    i’m still here! and i’m so, so excited about your new life changes:) this list is so reflective and honest. one of the many reasons i love your blog:)

  5. Loree

    Lists – I make them all the time. I am the queen of lists. I enjoyed reading your list of thoughts.

  6. Tammy@T's Daily Treasures

    The only lists I make are grocery lists. And when hubby takes my grocery list to the store, he never, ever sticks to the list. :/ My question is when does the move take place? Big changes are certainly in store, but I know you all will be just fine! Take care! Keep smiling! xoxoxoxox Tammy


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