I’ve got some news to share

From a small village
in Switzerland 
next to a lake
To a big city
in the Middle East
next to the sea
From mountains
snow and cows
To deserts
heat and camels.
A whole lot of things are left unsaid for now,
but if you read my blog for some time,
you now how I love to talk, right?
It’s just that I’m swamped in my many to-do lists at the moment,
but as soon as I get the chance to sit down with a cup of tea,
I will share what goes on behind the scenes.
Thanks for taking the time to read along!
Have a good week!

15 thoughts on “I’ve got some news to share

  1. helen tilston

    Hello Maureen

    I wish you much success and joy in your new home in Dubai. Looking forward to reading your blogs and hearing about your new life.

    Sending blessings

    Helen xx

  2. Debby

    Where do you want your book swap mailed to you. Good luck in your move. Can’t wait to hear more. (((((HUGS))))

  3. LindyLouMac in Italy

    Good Morning Maureen. How exciting, wishing you success and happiness in your new life adventure and hearing all about it once you are settled. Take Care Linda x

  4. It's me

    Dit ga je niet menen !!….Dubai !! dan ben je een rijke stinkerd…..!!!…hahahaahahahah!!….of ga je naar de sloppenwijk ……lol lol lol…….nee meis grapje hoor…ik vind het geweldig voor je !!…voor hoelang ?? wat vinden de kids ervan ??? en jijzelf ???…voor hoelang gaan jullie daarheen???…allemaal vragen……liefs van mij….xxx…

  5. Beth

    Best wishes to you and your family Maureen. You’ve done it once you can do it again. These experiences enrich our lives more than we can hope. Looking forward to hearing more when you settle.

  6. Jane

    Oh Sweetheart, your life is so rich with such experiences – you’ll be fine, I’m sure. You might just have to get used to spelling ‘deserts’, though! J x

  7. Loree

    Wow what a change. The difference between the 2 countries is so great. But is must be an awesome experience for you all.

  8. Amanda (Small Acorns)

    Wow Maureen, when you say you have news, you have BIG news. What an exciting adventure for you all, but I can just imagine it may all feel a bit overwhelming at the moment. Take those to-do lists one day at a time. xx


    How lovely, what a big change this will be. Be sure get rid of all those winter clothes. You’ll be wearing shorts and Kaftans now and going bare feet. Cheers honey.

    Lisa x

  10. AliBlahBlah

    Good luck with your move. I’ll be following – we’re planning a move back to the UK after 15 years on California, and I’m daunted just writing it!


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