2 years of Daydream Living

Today, 2 years ago, this little blog of mine started with ‘Boy oh Boy’.
The first words that came to my mind…
And now, after 214 posts, 2.855 comments and 60.597 page views,
I still am very happy I started this little corner in Blog land!

Lately I haven’t had the time to respond back to each comment, but know that
I read every single one of them and they always make my day!
{*I’m smiling right now! *}

There are countless blogs to choose from, so if you are reading this,
I just want to say…

for taking time out of your day to read along with me and
to see parts of my life as it’s changing every time.

I wrote this before,
my life isn’t always sunshine and roses.

But I want to share parts of it that make me smile.

Like our upcoming move, or our surprise marriage (and the wedding end of the year).
I could talk about my youngest brother having a son (well, not him physically of course…), or
getting inspiration from decors in houses (I’m a lurker when it comes to homes) or sharing a
great idea, book or photo.

Yes, Life has many good things which I want to talk about.

And the parts that make me sad or mad, sure,
I can talk about them too…

It’s just that I started this little blog to be happier.
To be more positive and to give my running-around-like-a-mad-woman-thoughts, some direction.

I can write a post about how it feels to have a sick father while living abroad…
I shared it once, and maybe I will write some more… Lord knows how many of us have a sick parent…
Or how I deal with the other side of this expat lifestyle we have.
The side that isn’t so great and that every expat wife will know…. sure, I can write about that too…
perhaps I will one day but not very soon.

Because I rather write more about some of my passions, like interior decorating,
photography, family life, travelling, other blogs and many more subjects.

But the main part of this blog is to
Give Inspiration, to Share Inspiration and to have fun while doing this!

Also, I learnt so much in these two years and connected worldwide with so many great women
and men (Hi Pet!)It’s all part of blogging to me and I’m soooooo glad I can take you guys with me
to Dubai! Ha! The power of the Internet!

It’s a mix and match of different things in this little corner I named Daydream Living.
Thanks for making blogging still worthwhile!


On another note….

* There will be a post about the way we said our I do’s in Amsterdam, I promise!
   The photo is a detail of the little dress I found 3 days before the day….

* 7 more days in this apartment…
   13 more days in Switzerland…
   but who is counting….

* eating chocolate is good for the thighs… it evens them out…
   very good to keep your balance, I swear!

Have a good week everyone!


15 thoughts on “2 years of Daydream Living

  1. Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder

    Dearest Maureen,

    I know too well how all of that feels. And sure, eating chocolate (dark!) helps a lot, at least it always helped me.
    Being half the world away from sick loved ones is TOUGH. But it’s the other side of the not-so-glamorous side of an expat.
    Guess it will eventually make us stronger, wiser and a lot more mellow. Frame your ‘last’ moments of an era that passed and have a safe trip to your new home in Dubai! We only made it till the airport in Dubai…
    Hugs and love to you,

  2. Debby

    You are a busy one right now. Good to see a post from you. Can’t wait to see a picture of the “I do’s”. (((((HUGS))))
    Did you get the package?

  3. Francesca Muir

    Hi Maureen and Congratulations on your birthday – I love your posts and they certainly are an inspiration. I completely concur with your views on being an expat – having been one myself for 10 years in Greece. I must say now that I am back ‘home’ – I would far rather the life of an ex-at – at least I knew I was alive – despite the difficulties! Have a wonderful week and I’ll join you in a bar of chocolate any day – my thighs need much work. F xx

  4. Carmel's Closet

    Happy 2nd birthday! Big things in your neck of the woods – wow – congratulations on your wedding – looking forward to photos. Good luck with your re-location.

  5. Thisisme.

    Hi Maureen. Always good to see your name pop up on my blog roll! Congratulations on your second Blogaversary! Gosh, where DOES the time go?! Hope you’re enjoying life as a married lady! As you quite rightly say, life isn’t always coming up roses, but, like you, I do try to keep my blog happy and positive. Why dwell on the bad things – we should all try to count our blessings every day. I’m sorry about your dad being poorly. It is hard when you’re not living close by. Anyway, I hope you have a safe trip to Dubai, and I’m with you all the way on the chocolate front! Look forward to hearing from you once you’re settled in. Good luck and Bon Voyage!! x

  6. Pet

    Congratulations on your birthday! I will be 2 too on September, we are nearly twins! And congratulations on your wedding too.
    It is very nice of you to mention my blog on your anniversary Post. I really appreciate it coming from you and the fact that you like it. I’ve always loved writing and my little blog is my compromise with failure in that respect. I envy you too with your nearly 300 followers already :-)
    Looking forward to your adventures East. How exciting!

  7. It's me

    Tuurlijk ga ik mee naar Dubai….wat een drukte nog voor je….ben benieuwd naar de foto’s…liefs Ria…xxx…

  8. LindyLouMac in Italy

    Hi Maureen, Congratulations on the two year milestone and of course your marriage. It has been fun taking this blogging adventure with you and I am looking forward to Dubai. :) xx

  9. Tammy@T's Daily Treasures

    Hey Maureen, thanks for stopping by. Gosh! Time is just flying, isn’t it. I am sure you have much to do in these last less than 2 weeks you still have over there. Wishing you all the best as you make the move to my corner of the world. So glad to have been able to actually meet you in person and look forward to hooking up again for another visit. Take care and hugs to all, Tammy

  10. Celestial Charms

    Hi Maureen,
    I know your head must be spinning right now, with your imminent move. I’m wishing you peace, calm, and enjoyment for these upcoming days. It is our individual personalities and the wish for positive thinking that make blogland so unique. So glad we have your contribution to it! Have a fabulous day.


    Hello Maureen,
    Missed you gurl. but I know you busy with the big move. I just want to say thank you for being a great blog friend and I will continue to come by and visit your inspiring blog. Cheers on your 2nd anniversary.

    Love Lisa x

  12. Stacey

    Congrats on the wedding and the blogiversary! I know you must be quite busy! Blogging brought us together and I’m very thankful for that. Here’s to the world of blogging! XX

  13. Jane

    Oh Sweetheart. Happy 2nd blogoversary. I’m delighted we found each other so early on in this bloggy caper. I treasure this little haven in Blogland. Thanks for all the joy and warmth you bring to it. J x


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