My first post from Dubai

* my old header  photo, a new one will be made soon *
Hello on this warm Sunday morning from Dubai!
Sunday, as in our ‘Monday’, since this is the first working day of the week here.
So, it has been a while….
Where to begin?
What shall I share here on my blog, the one I’ve missed writing on,
the place where I have met so many great  people. 
I even had the pleasure of drinking coffee with a new blog friend, right here in Dubai.
I ‘ll tell you, the blogging world is great and I will step it up to continue this journey here in Blog Land,
simply because I really enjoy being here and the interaction it brings me with great people!
If you are reading this, you are one of them in my book!
Many things happened these last couple of months.
Our surprise ‘I do’ during our goodbye diner in Amsterdam.
(Honestly, people still talk about this, it was great and I will come back on this…)

Our super quick move from Switzerland to Dubai, with all the usual difficulties.
(Think, finding schools while they are all completely full…)
The many things I want to share since arriving here…
(Boy, this is a different place indeed but so far I really enjoy being here…)
Our upcoming wedding in December…
(Thank goodness we hired a great wedding planner to help us, since it’s going to be in Amsterdam…)

The whole fresh start of decorating a new and much bigger apartment…
 (probably will ask you for some advice on this one, to be continued…)
Yes, where to begin?
I will chop things up in pieces, but first, something exciting is happening today…
The arrival of our container from Switzerland!
Let the unpacking begin!
Thanks for reading along and for all your sweet comments! 

18 thoughts on “My first post from Dubai

  1. thisisme

    Hi Maureen. Good to see you here today, and I am really pleased that you are liking Dubai. As you say, it must be SO different from what you are used to! How lovely to actually meet up with a bloggy friend for coffee. I would love to be able to meet up with some of my bloggy friends. That’s great that your container has arrived – now you can really make it start to feel like home. Look forward to hearing more stories from you when you are ready. Hugs.

  2. Jane

    Oh Sweetheart, it’s fabulous to have you back here again. I have really missed you. I am eagerly awaiting all your stories. Oh, and I posted my little note off the other day so hopefully you’ll get it soon. J x

  3. flowersandhome

    Wat fijn om weer wat van je te horen en ons mee te laten genieten van je grote avontuur want zo noem ik het hoor, wat een bijzondere ervaring voor jou en je gezin. En nu uitpakken maar!
    Tot later,

  4. Tammy@T's Daily Treasures

    Hey there, Maureen! Have fun unpacking. It’ll be like Christmas, seeing all your stuff again and using it in a new space, in a new way. Hot as heck here — so I know you are having the same sort of weather we are. Work has been crazy busy. Hope the girls are settled in school. My boys were actually ready to go back. Just gotta get Yusef through this last year. :) Take care! Hugs, Tammy

  5. Celestial Charms

    Hi Maureen,
    Wishing you luck on all the unpacking, and hoping you make it a fun occasion. Looking forward to hearing about your adjusting to a new culture. Have a wonderful week!

  6. Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder

    Dearest Maureen,
    Welcome back and happy unpacking. We know the feeling, it is like Christmas time for having all your favorite things back into your own hands. Now real life can start shaping up again. You will get there; don’t worry – be happy! After all, when you all are nicely settled in and your children also adjusted again at school, you have your BIG day in Amsterdam. Such a great mile stone for looking forward to and for being once again together with loved ones.
    Hugs from another immigrant,

    PS Did you meet with Angela?

  7. Kom Achterom

    ooh meid wat een leven heb je toch en nu cadeautjes uitpakken uit je container! Gaat vast helemaal goed komen hoor! Doe het rustig aan hier echt herfst op dit moment dus niks heerlijk in het zonnetje maar lekker bij de kachel hhi
    fijne dag dikke knuf

  8. Geralddot

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