(I even forgot the title of this post…)

I’m so behind,
I think I’m first…

This is how I feel lately,
so please bear with me,
normal posting will resume as soon as possible,
because there is lots going on here to share,
it’s just that there is only little time in a day
to sit down…

This week is a bit full again, now with birthdays,
(I turned 42 this week and my girls also have their 15th and 5th birthday party),
my in laws are visiting us now, which is so lovely,
the girls are enjoying their school break and in between trying to decorate our new home,
looking at unpacked boxes (yes, it will help if I continue to unpack them…)
and planning our wedding,
our new life in Dubai is full.

I’m taking lots of notes so my oh so forgetful head will not forget what has happened
these last couple of weeks.

Our new life between the sea and the desert is truly a different lifestyle
and we are fully enjoying our time here!
Yep, that’s me smiling a big smile people!

Hope you are having a good week!
See you soon!


10 thoughts on “(I even forgot the title of this post…)

  1. Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder

    Dearest Maureen,

    Don’t even DARE to excuse yourself! FAMILY comes first and yourself and… and… Gosh, you stash more into one year than others in a life time. So live it and enjoy with your loved ones. Happy belated birthday to you and your girls.

  2. Sarah @ Modern Country Style

    I’m not surprised you’re busy!! You’ve just completely changed your life!! I’m glad to hear you’ll be sharing – I’m so fascinated by what life must be like there – but please don’t rush yourself! Enjoy every second!


  3. Amanda (Small Acorns)

    So much going on for you Maureen. I should think that you have more than enough to cope with without fretting over blogging. Happy Birthday to almost all the family. Will look forward to hearing more as life settles down in your new home.
    Amanda x

  4. flowersandhome

    Sounds like you have your hands full. No wonder but as long as it’s with fun things, it’s allright.
    See you soon!
    And Happy birthday to you and the girls!
    Enjoy this wonderful adventure.

  5. Jane

    Belated happy birthday, Sweetheart. I would love to post you something but are you still mistrustful of the postal service? Let me know either way. I agree with Amanda. We’re not going anywhere ☺. J x


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