As I am sitting here
in warm Dubai
my thoughts are flowing…
We are loving the winter time we have now,
with no humidity to speak of,
waking up each and every day to a warmth 
we only know from those rare summer days,
no cold wind, no rain, just Mother Nature at her best.
I’m listening to the noises coming from the street…
The weekend has started today with a public holiday
and more people than usual are gathering together to celebrate,
because for Muslim people, tonight is the night they celebrate
Islamic New Year.
Honks from cars, people strolling the streets,
the warm air is filled with people’s hopes and wishes
for another year.
Still, I couldn’t help but wonder
what some of the people I have briefly met,
are doing right now…
Like the friendly man, waiting on the street
and who so gracefully posed for me,
will he be saying his prayers for a happy new year?
Or the man steering the abra,
those lovely wooden boats crossing the creek,
what will he be doing tonight,
or will this be a normal night to him
like it is to us…
Are they sitting at their homes alone or with friends,
welcoming the new year that is starting tonight…
Or is their religion different and will the new year 
start the same day as ours on December 31st…
For the Chinese, new year doesn’t even start until
February 10th…
So many people with different days of celebrating.
Yes, we are all different but we are more alike…
And even though we don’t celebrate tonight as a new beginning,
I was aware that today mattered to others.
What are these people wishing for in their new year…
What are their hopes and dreams…
Perhaps it’s to be with their loved ones,
who sadly for so many people working here,
are not with them, but are living separate lives
back in their home country…
Yes, Dubai has opened my eyes and ears,
making me stop in my tracks,
with wonder and amazement…
So for tonight, may all your wishes be positive ones,
because it doesn’t matter when the new year begins,
every morning starts with a brand new day…
Enjoy the weekend!

11 thoughts on “Tonight

  1. flowersandhome

    Beautiful post Maureen,
    Happy New year, to you, because this is somehow special even if you don’t celebrate it now, and to all who do celebrate it now.
    I had no idea today was New year to someone.
    Have a wonderful new day.

  2. Debby

    Beautiful words describing another one’s beliefs. I wish more people would have respect like yours for ones that are different than they are. Happy New Year.

  3. Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder

    Dearest Maureen,
    Oh, we have encountered so often people that live abroad, just for making a living for their family. Sacrificing ALL, for the sake of their children… Can they still find some happiness and satisfaction out of their burdened days? It taught us at least to count our many blessings! You wrote like a poet in this post but it is good for the soul and good for TRYING to share with others that barely can live themselves into such a situation.
    Hugs to you,

  4. Tammy

    Hey there, Maureen. Sounds like you are in a very contemplative mood. Dubai is certainly a completely different environment from where you came from. We haven’t had very cold weather or much rain in the past several years but I’m sure you don’t mind actually having a warmer winter. These concrete homes can get really cold when the temp drops into the 50’s and below. We’ve had a quiet 2 days here. Sam will go back to work tomorrow and I will be heading to a handicraft bazaar with a friend then back to school on Sunday. We’ve had so many days off lately that our schedules are all out of whack. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Tammy

  5. Jane

    How fantastic, Maureen. This is so thoughtful and evocative, you clever minx. I’m really enjoying having my eyes opened to the delights of the Middle East! J x


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