Daydream Living on Instagram

Hello, hello!
I’m writing this post with one (1) finger, 
instead with my usual ten… 
Ten, as in 10 fingers…
Not that I want to be a fancy typing girl, 
who also can type blind, it’s just the way I learnt how to do it…
back in the days, 
when children could play safe in the streets
and sliced bread was something new….
You know, looong time ago…
In the good old days…
that’s what old people say…
so if you are only reading: blah blah blah, 
that is perfectly fine, 
because why did I started this one vs. ten typing?!
Oh yes….. because I’m typing this on an Ipad.
And although I love the fact that I
just-touch-and-poof, it appears on my screen,
I can’t type with 10 fingers on this thing!
My point is, yes, there is a point to this….    
I love the I-world, as of 4 months ago!
(okay, truth to be told, from this sentence on I’m typing again on my old and almost broken laptop, pfff…)
I’m a true dinosaur when it comes to techno stuff,
since our move to Dubai 
I have an Iphone and low and behold,
I’m loving it!
So, point about Ipad and Iphone or any other smarty pants phone is,
they are modern and easy to use and have cool apps. 
And last week I turned another corner and joined
the Instagram gang.
No turning back for me now, love this too!
any of you who are curious to know what I’m snapping away with my Iphone,
you can find me under daydreamliving {click on it to web view}.
As for this little corner of mine here in Blogland,
I’ve read the comments, thank you again for letting me know what you think
and I will take you along on this new journey I’m walking here.
But for now,
the beach is waiting!
Goodbye and Tot ziens!

6 thoughts on “Daydream Living on Instagram

  1. flowersandhome

    Have fun at the beach!
    I have known about instagram for a while now and have been talking about it over and over and that’s why I’d like to have a smartphone(but I don’t), so I completely know what you’re talking about. Sigh….

  2. LindyLouMac in Italy

    You always manage to make me smile Maureen, I love my iphone and ipad and yes I am on Instagram but never seem to find time to post there. You will get used to typing on the ipad but I admit to not liking it when it comes to using it for blogging. I still return to my laptop for that. Enjoy the beach. :)

  3. Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder

    Dearest Maureen,
    Yes, that is a fact those ten versus one finger… Instgram is fun to use, even though I don’t use it much. We did with our Liz in Rotterdam for exchanging some quick snaps and that is super.
    Enjoy your beach time.

  4. Tammy@T's Daily Treasures

    I still have my old Nokia phone and don’t have an i anything. :) Like you, I am old school when it comes to typing. I would get nowhere if I had to use one finger. I haven’t had time for blogging lately — I know my limits, no Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or anything else along those lines. Sam said Friday is great as Thursday he has a 2 pm meeting and then we have dinner plans. See ya soon. Tammy


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