Twelve times three

Yes, years from today, we can say that we were here.
On this special date, 12-12-12.

Not that today was anything special for me, but still….
it’s pretty cool to know that it will not happen again in our lifetime.
Unless you are a vampire, of course, than this is nothing new to you….
But since I’m a mortal and all, well…. pretty special number on the calender!

Anyhoo, I just wanted to pop in quickly this evening,
to share with you that our upcoming wedding party in Amsterdam
has been changed drastically….

Yep… welcome to our world!

We are planning it now somewhere warm with a beach and a desert…
Not too far from us….

Guessed it already?

Exactly, right here in Dubai!

What can I say other than we are following our hearts.
That’s what you are suppose to do when it comes to

At least that’s what we are doing.

And since we’re doing everything concerning the wedding backwards
and not traditional at all, we might as well embrace it and make it our own.

I will talk some more in another post but for tonight,
I hope the cold isn’t getting to much if you are in
winter temps, stay warm and see you soon!


{photo’s taken with my Iphone}

7 thoughts on “Twelve times three

  1. Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder

    Dearest Maureen,
    You are smart for posting about this special date. Guess we have had our share of combinations (in our lifetime that is…) since 13 is not a month after all.
    How exciting your wedding in a warm environment! Hope that your loved ones will be able to travel to your part of the world and they will have the time of their life.
    Enjoy your preparation period, leading to this memorable event.

  2. Daydream Living

    Happy Homemaker UK has left a new comment on your post “Twelve times three”:

    You should do whatever feels right – and I would imagine getting married nearby would be a lot easier to plan as well. Sounds wonderful, wherever you decide to go :)

    Posted by Happy Homemaker UK to Daydream Living at 13 December, 2012


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